20 May, 2011

7-11 in the house!

Not the virtual shop though.  I'm talking about my 2 girls. Yesterday I brought YY for her routine check up cum injection. Phew....that was the 2nd last injection for the first 6 month of her life. Next month she's due for the Influenza jab and that's it. The very next jab will only take place after her 1st birthday.

YY's weight fluctuates a bit this month. Her milky appetite doesn't seem to be so good lately. Like Kit Kat, now you want it, now you don't. Last month check up (on 21st April 2011) she weighted 6.8kg. Then on 28th April, we brought her to see Dr Tan coz her right eye had greenish discharge. When put her on the weighing scale, the reading was 6.2kg! Haaiihh...sakit hati ooo to see her weight dropped so much. We noticed the problem arised since she was born. Initially she just had clear discharge very frequent, only from her right eye. Paed said it was due to her blocked tear duct. We need to constantly massage the side of her nose as it helps a bit to prevent from further blockage. We did it but it doesn't help much lah ;( Paed said that this problem will go away when she's reaching a year old. Hey, that's quite a long wait leh. But since the discharge looks greenish already, she has been prescribed with an antiseptic eye drop.

See her big small eyes? :D
Yesterday, her weight reading was 7kg, and measuring at 66cm height. Aaahh...at least got put on some weight and taller by 1cm! Haha! YY will turn 6 month old by next Wednesday, 25th May 2011. Yippie!! Can start feeding her some puree very soon. 

Ok back to the subject of this post, 7-11. My 3.5yo QQ is only weighing at 11kg since...erm...last year!! +_+ So here we have this 7-11 duo in the house. YY @ 7kg, QQ @ 11kg =)

7-11 ^_^


Haruki said...

My Yuan is also pathetically underweight. 7+ years old now and not even 20kg. Cannot gain weight, picky eater!

LittleLamb said...

saw u at thestar newspaper today. Proud of u..

pss: u r so so so slim...saw ur hand part at the photo :P

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Haha Thx Racheal!! yea yea...now u know how does my skeletal body look like ha? =) I'm really phei-bao-kuat! 'skin wrap bone' lol!


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