07 May, 2012

Mobile blog

Testing testing 123. I've just installed mobile blog into my Iphone. Hopefully it works well so that I can blog more coz my pictures are all in my hp. With this mobile blogging, I don't have to transfer picture from hp to pc, less mafan :))

P/s : I can blog while satisfying my lil nenen addict :P


Haruki said...

What app to install for mobile blog? I am so technically challenged!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Just type blogger and search for the orange white blogger logo app will do. But I still need to use lappy to adjust the alignment. Thru phone cannot do it ler.

Elin said...

hi qq and yy mommy.

Love to read your blog. Just jump here , while search for Ardo calypso breast pump.: ).

Many info about breast feed journey here.

Kiss2 to qq and yy. :D


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