13 May, 2010

Back to my dusty blog today....

after being M.I.A for sooooo long. See, my last update was on 26 March, so in total I've gone missing from my e-diary for almost 2mth +_+ Why? Why? Why?

Firstly... I'm very tired

Secondly... I'm busy with my work. But yesterday my lovely cousin sister Ah Sum said to me "aren't you supposed to goyang kaki? why busy?". Yeah, tell you what...I busy goyanging kaki lah.

An then... I don't have the mood to do update

Furthermore... I don't have the time to do it

Also... No mood. Oooh...already mentioned earlier. But really no mood kuasa 2 lah!

Next... I can't sleep well at night

Some more... Gastric attack! Hence appetite kaput liao

Ok, enough for today. I'll be back tomorrow with more juicy update, I hope =)

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