19 May, 2010

Still packing

Yesterday night, I've managed to burn the mid night oil :P to stay up late till 1am to pack our stuff. Gosh...I was so tired lah. If I don't do that, don't think I would be able to complete my packing by Friday - our departure day. This is consider very late for me, coz usually I don't pack 2-3 days before the departure date. Before I got pregnant, I will pack my stuff at least 1 week ahead. And the funniest part was, I will try each and every of the baju that I need to bring over to the place which I'm about to visit. My sister behtahan me!! I wore those baju before, so why do I need to try them again and again? I don't know lah, I just want to mix and match again so that I look good in the photograph :P Muahahahaha. But ever since I had Smellybutt, I have stopped doing so. Now I'm more to trying out the best fitted undergarments!! Due to my pregnancy, my boobs have erm..."grown up" a bit more, and my waistline has thicken thus I really need a loose low waist jeans. After each meal (I take about 6 meals a day), I will have a tiny bulging tummy and I've gotto loosen up the button/zip so that I can breath!

Nowadays, each time I accompany Smellybutt to bed, for sure I will doze off with her at the same time. Sometimes I even ZzzZzz before Smellybutt does! That was why I forced-opened my eyes yesterday night before I have another round of mission impossible again. Anyway, we'll have another round of luggage review tonight and most likely review over and over again tomorrow for the finale round :P Gotto really pack those "haram" food nicely which need to be declared at the custom upon touching down. The top 3 haram foods are milk, egg and fruit. Smellybutt's milk powder is a must, so we have to make sure that the milk powder packing is nice and clean. According to my cousin who went to NZ before, we need to keep all the declared items in a box and DON'T try to help the custom officer to unseal the box, they don't like it okei! Let them do it...we just stand aside and get ready to answer their soalan cepu mas - what is this, why do you need it, bla bla bla.

Now another worry for me is our health. Yesterday evening, suddenly Smellybutt was sniffling and lau bei thai +_+ She had minor flu! My mom pulak just recovered from flu and now she kOf KoF kof. Me....just started to koF, KoF koF a bit too!! During my recent check up, I have requested my gynea to prescribe me some flu medicine, just for standby only. But he said NO, try avoid taking any flu or cough medicine during early pregnancy, no good for lil BB. The only remedy for me is Vitamin C. But what if I'm down with bad flu and fever over there? He said go see doctor there, he can't prescribed me any ubat now. When I'm sick, must let a doctor to examine me first before taking medicine +_+ Adui....why lah at this point of time, 1 by 1 is down with something ar? My sis is the champion now (touch wood!) and please don't join the crowd!


kp said...

bei ka liao

chinnee said...

have fun and take care, dear.


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