19 September, 2011

EBM is needed for an 8yo liver cancer boy

After a long missing in action from me....here's my very first back-to-blog post. A very unique one, but a sad post. 

This is a very special story of my milk sharing journey. When I saw a post by Mich in HM4MB page in Facebook, asking for donors for her 8yr old nephew who suffered from liver disease, not only me, but a few other mommies responded to her whether the request was for 8mth old or 8yr old? Any typo error? NO. It was indeed for her 8yr old nephew. Poor boy ;( According to Mich, her nephew had Hep C first, and by the time his family knew it, already too late as the disease has turned into cancerous. Doctor has recommended to feed the boy with EBM so that it could help his own body to produce some antibody and hoping that he could live a little longer (for a few months). His family has no objection on this thus Mich immediately approached HM4MB for donors. 

The respond was simply overwhelming. Within the same day (or perhaps within few hours after her posting in that page) many mothers with surplus of EBM contacted her. In total, she has collected 80 bags of frozen EBM (each bag 5-6oz). Thereafter she and husband drove all the way to Tangkak (near Johor) to deliver the frozen EBM to the hospital. Her nephew took 5oz of EBM twice a day. A month later, again, Mich appealed for another round of EBM donation. This round, I have given out 32 bottles (each 5oz) of frozen EBM to Mich. Due to her meeting many other donors on that day, HubB sent me to Mich's house to pass to her my stash.With this, the boy was my 11th milk "baby".

My stash of frozen EBM ready to be delivered to Mich

QQ my helper!

By end of August 2011, Mich has informed me that her nephew was not doing so well +_+ Hoping for miracle only, and the family was trying to fulfill his last wishes. It was really sad to hear such news. On 9th September 2011, the boy has returned to God. Sob.....  ;(( My deepest condolence to Mich and family. May her nephew rest in peace.

As for the remaining of the frozen EBM, Mich has asked us, the donors, whether her 10mth old son can consume it or not? Well, of course YES from all of us.


chinnee said...

can it help? do update this boy's condition on your blog ya..hope he is on the road to miracle recovery.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

aikss...in my 2nd last paragraph, got mentioned the boy couldn't make it in the end ;(

SuperMom said...

Such a touching story.

God will bless you richly for your kind deed. May God bless that little boy too.


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