15 June, 2010

I'm back from my dreamland

Time flies....was just blogging about busy packing our super large luggage bags to NZ and now, I'm back to my sizzling hot tanahairku....

Been quite busy with work and MiniB lately, so didn't really have much time to update my poor blog. So here's a quick one, about Lil BB's development. I had my routine check up yesterday night. Lil BB seems to be doing pretty well in mommy's cozy oven :P As of yesterday, Lil BB was already 16 weeks 2 days old. Wow....sekelip mata oredi reaching 4th month! I thought I had just entered into the 3rd month lah. And I had put on weight, by 3kg in less than a month time!! This is super amazing for me. I DON'T put on weight easily, even during my first pregnancy. A week before our departure to NZ, my weight was 40kg and yesterday the reading was 43kg. I am sooooo HAPPY!! Appetite is really good. Most of the food that I eat, double up the size. When eating out, I will need to order besar punya - wantan mee, fried kuey teow, meehon sup. Otherwise, no satisfaction lah.

Oh btw, I also did a blood test yesterday, for the Down Syndrom test on Lil BB. I'm 30 this year, and my gynea did mentioned earlier that I'm still young thus the risk is very low. Anyway, he asked me whether I want to do it or not, no obligation, up to me lah. And I was like nak, tak nak, nak, tak nak....So in the end I said yes, and know how much it cost? Kachinggggg...RM200!! It's Ok, I still can claim my bill from my company's medical allowance claim and it keeps my worry at bay :P

1 funny issue about my scan yesterday. A week before my departure to NZ, Dr Tan managed to scan the bottom part of Lil BB. At that point of time, I was just about to reach 15weeks and to my surprise, Dr Tan said I could be carrying a boy! Saw a tiny little pisang montel down there :P But yesterday, when tried to check on BB's gender again, Dr Tan said " hmm..seems like flat down there." LOL!! Like Kit Kat pulak, now you see it, now you don't!! Anyway, Dr Tan said better wait till another 2 more month to confirm the gender coz the pisang montel we once saw, could be the umbilical cord!! Muahahahaha true true....so I need to be a little bit more patient then.

I will try to post some update about my adventurous 16 days trip to NZ soonest, and not forgetting my Universal Studio @ Singapore trip too. Busy...busy...

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