01 June, 2011

Itchy bitsy tiny and more

Scratch scratch....

Couple of weeks ago, I noticed that YY skin has developed some rashes on both shoulders, a bit on her upper chest, a bit behind her shoulders, and recently found some on her elbows. I wasn't too sure what has caused those rashes, so during 1 of her routine check up, I showed the affected area to her Paed. Dr. Tan explained that those were rashes, and it would get worst when the weather is hot hence made her sweaty. Yeah, that was so true. Whenever YY started to sweat (even sat under the fan!), I can see the rashes turned red. Initially, she did not scratch on the rashes, so I assumed no itchiness lah. The affected area will look dry, and when touch on it, it was rough. Also can feel "yat lap lap", like mini pimples. Aiseh, I don't know how to describe lah. Dr. Tan has advised us to apply some lotion or moisturizer on the affected parts. It seemed like she is having sensitive skin. I did probed the question whether those were eczema? He briefly said that it could be eczema, another term for rashes, depending how severe it is later. Well honestly, I did not apply any lotion on her body since birth, after her shower. So during the recent Parenthood Fair in Mid Valley, I've searched for some organic and fragrance free cream/lotion for YY. I must do something to stop it before it becomes worst.

And this is what I've finally bought, after checking out a few brands available in the Parenthood Fair. I have heard and read about this brand way before I have discovered the rashes on YY's body. Upon inquiring within about the suitable cream/lotion for YY skin condition, the sales lady recommended this to me - Mei Mei Atopicare Cream to relieve the dry skin and itchiness. According to her, many people has used it and commented that it is very effective for sensitive skin, even to those who had eczema as well. It's quite pricey (RM49), although I bought it at a promotional price there. My mom has been applying it on YY for 2 weeks. The result? Not as what I had expected for. The affected area has indeed became smoother but lately she started to scratch her shoulders +_+ Oh dear....itchiness strike!

Below picture was taken yesterday evening, just before I gave her a quick shower (more on sponging her body with warm water only lah coz her body was so sticky due to her sweats). I noticed that if she didn't sweat, the affected area will looked normal but the moment she sweat, the rashes will turn red as you can see from the picture. That was the best picture I can take coz YY kept turning to my camera each time I held it near her.


Here's my naked YY  after a quick shower. Those red marks behind her ears was not rashes lah. It was due to me holding her on the bath tub. Sigh....since the itchiness has developed, I am getting more worried now. I really do not want the rashes to spread any further. These few days I've been checking on the internet to find a better product for YY to combat this rashes before it becomes my nightmare. I don't want my poor baby to suffer from any kind of itchiness and skin inflammation +_+ Will share my search result on next post.


-thethinker- said...

No no .. instead of apply the atopicare , i would suggest you to apply the MeiMei moisturizer - in liquid ; that works better ; at least for my son .
Go to their website to have a look , if you want to buy it online, i have discount voucher. Do let me know if you interested.

Haruki said...

What about Bepanthen cream. I sort of use it for all kinds of rashes...

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

@ -thethinker- Thx a lot for your offer, I also have the RM50 voucher from MeiMei, with purchase of RM199 and above. Your son's condition is like my baby's case also?

@ Haruki - Bepanthen cream also good for skin rashes, besides nappy rash? I've just checked out their website, and glad to know it's fragrance free with no added preservatives, colors and antiseptic! Will give it a try on YY's rashes. Thx for sharing!

chinnee said...

wah...hope this is just temporary and not serious :(


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