07 June, 2011

More scary news from daycare centre

In today's The Star newspaper, yet another horrible death story of a 2yo girl found drowned in a bathtub. It happened in a daycare centre +_+ 

Before this case, there was a news about a young child was chocked to death while bottle feeding. Again it happened in a daycare centre. I know accident does happen, anywhere anytime, but if it happens in a daycare centre, does that mean the daycare centre is short of teacher/child care taker thus lead to these unnecessary raising death tolls of the innocent kids? It's really really sad to hear this kind of news. First thing comes into my mind is my own children. So many "what if" linger on my mind now, although my kids are taken care by my parents.

And this reminds me of a real story about my ex-neighbour, Mdm Chew. She has been taking care of her grandchildren for years, since they were born. When her 2nd daugther gave birth to her 2nd child, Mdm Chew also helped to take care of the newborn and live in with her daughter. One day, while she was preparing hot water to shower her grandson, (I'm not sure how old is the kid when this incident took place, but definitely above 1yo) the telephone rang and so she left the bathroom and answered the phone call. Within seconds, she heard a loud scream. She rushed over to her grandson, and found him got burn by the hot water. Due to this case, the relationship between Mdm Chew and her daughter turned sour. And Mdm Chew finally moved out from her daughter's house. Mdm Chew's husband has passed away long time ago. So she moved in to stay with her youngest daughter. I believe she must have a hard time to forgive herself for what has happened to her own grandson. Luckily her grandson still survive, though still suffer from skin burn (not sure how severe it was). See, this kind of accident can happen even from own family member, all because of careless mistake. 1 single careless mistake can really steal a person's life away. Always remember DO NOT take things for granted.

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Suzette said...

Have to agree with you. I always get very agitated whenever I find out MIL 'boil-porridge' on the phone, or chat at the back lane with neighbor or petty traders. She would just lock herself in her room to chat, in the case of phone call. And my daughter would be crying yelling, vomitting in the house for as long as it takes for her to end the conversation.

She would let my son play in the bathroom (shower) while she cooks or chat. And she said she would check on him - I read that it takes only 20 sec to drown a child/person.

I'm glad nothing happened to them. Remember the news of a grandma chatting on the phone while her grandson strangled to death by curtain cords in the living room?

Tragedy that can be avoided!


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