06 June, 2011

Rashes, Hives, Eczema - what are the differences?

3 of them relates to skin disorder/disease which is kinda confusing for me. But 1 thing for sure, catching one of them is not fun. I have not even heard of hives. And I certainly can't differentiate rashes and eczema coz both share some common symptoms like red bumps on skin, itchiness, scaly and dry skin. As I Google further about rashes, I found this website which explains the difference of that 3 types of skin disorder. I get a better picture of it now.

So, after reading that article, I would say that YY's skin condition (rough, dry, itchy) on her shoulders are consider as rashes. I hope my findings are right. Ok at least it tallies with what the Paed has informed me earlier. As per the article and  Paed, we need to apply lotion/moisturizer on the affected part to prevent skin from further drying up. Also gotto stop her from scratching since itchiness has developed. Scratching will make it worse +_+

I am still not sure what is the root cause of the rashes on YY's shoulders. I have sensitive skin where rashes will develop, together with red marks and itchiness if I apply perfume directly on my skin. Be it perfume oil or EDP spray, rashes will appear after applying it on my skin for about 3-4 times. But I love perfumes! So I will only spray a bit on my clothes, avoid direct contact with skin. Now I'm wondering whether the perfume on my clothes has caused the rashes/itchiness on YY. I try not to use perfume whenever I have outing with my kids. Somehow, sometimes I still use them a bit, unconsciously! Too used to the routine in bathroom after got dressed up. Strange but true, even Jonhson and Johnson baby lotion doesn't click with my vulnerable skin also leh. It says " this product is hypoallergenic, dermatologist and allergy tested" and yet I can experience itchiness with red bumps on my skin after using it for less than 10x. There's a Chinese song entitled " yoong yi sao seong dik lui yan", literally means "easily hurt woman", best describe me. Hahahaha.

Since YY is not using any body lotion after bath from birth (and also not using any bath gel too, just plain warm water to wash up), now I'm searching for one which is designed for sensitive skin - no fragrance, no color, no preservatives, no paraben, no SLS, and non-chemical base lotion. If it's organic, better still. You may say that's my kiasu cum kiasi action, but to live with sensitive skin is so annoying and suffering. Dealing with my own skin problem is enough, so I want to avoid from dealing with a baby who can't talk but cry or fuss over her itchy skin later. Will update again stuff that I found from the web.


Flaky said...

For a gentle lotion for babies I would use Baby Aquaphor or California Baby Super Sensitive Lotion. The California Baby Super Sensitive is probably more natural and way better than other brands because it is oat, nut and dairy free.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi Flaky,
you are right! I've just purchased California Baby stuff and is applying their calendula cream on my baby =) hope it works to heal the itchiness and dry skin.


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