15 June, 2011

From flower girl...to bride

QQ loves to be a flower girl, ever since she had been appointed as one last year. Basically she loves to throw the petals on the floor lah, that's her favorite - throwing things all over the place to be more precise!

2nd time @ May 2011 for my close friend
1st time @ November 2010 for my cousin

And as a result of being hired as a flower girl twice, she has decided to be a bride instead! A run away bride with her very own D.I.Y. gown made out of a Disney  princess bed sheet which Popo bought from the pasar pagi. By just tucking in the bed sheet behind her tee and voila! a no sew bride's gown for herself.

She has been very very obsess with this bed sheet lately. She sleeps with it (not sleep ON it ya coz she uses it as her blanket konon). She plays with it. She eats with it. As usual, Popo starts to nag and nag telling her don't walk around the house with it! She practically dry mopping the floor day and night with the bed sheet hanging behind her tee.

Carefully re-arranging her "veil" before she does the cat walk

Pausing her cat walk for this killer pose to the paparazzi!!

I think her 3rd assignment as flower girl might take place sometime in October 2011. Betul ka, cik Teng Teng? =)


t3ngt3ng said...

Betul betul!! But make sure QQ don't come with this 'killer' bride's gown k LOL.. My gown also kalah to her weh..
How's her petal throwing skills now? Ada improve ka? :P

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

LOL!! I'll try not to let her outshine you with that gorgeous veil :P Her petal throwing skill - tahap ichiban neh, even for the 1st round during my cousin's wedding last Nov. Siap kena pusing corner lagi on the red carpet, and still under control :D Wei, who's the flower boy ar?

t3ngt3ng said...

Har? Mana nak cari flower boy? Elek la.. My friends semua baru je kahwin takde anak lagi leh -.-

chinnee said...

hehe......your girl so funny la...


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