24 March, 2011

My rock-a-by babies

See my big baby and small baby here....they love this new rocking chair quite a bit. New item in the house, but a pre-loved one. First saw it in my MIL's house, my SIL bought it for her baby. Hers is also a pre-loved one, so that's how I've got the idea to get 1 for my gals as well. I find it a bit silly to get a brand new one coz it'll cost me a bomb. Fisher Price brand ma....sure mahal gile neh. Original price is RM369 and I've got mine from a blogshop which sells branded pre-loved items at RM89 inclusive shipping. I tell ya, this item is  really selling like hot cake among the pre-loved stuffs! I've browsed thru many blogshop which sells pre-loved branded stuff, and all sold out. Don't know why my fingers were itchy that time, I text to this particular seller just to ask whether she still have it  or not. Jeng jeng jeng!! She said YES and would upload the picture onto her blog shortly. Lucky me lah.  It is still in very good condition (no scratches at all on the metal legs of the rocking chair) and not really worn out (the kain part) so I'll say it's a steal! By right it comes with a toys bar but I guess the owner misplaced it so no toys bar for YY. Not important at all so I don't mind. This baby rocker supports up to 18kg child's weight. My big baby who's now 3.5yo is only weighing at 11kg, so she has a loooooong way to go with it =)

It has 2 reclining position. The one in the below picture is the lowest position which is just nice for baby to nap on it. Push 1 level up will be best for feeding. It also vibrates, a very mild vibration only lah, to sooth baby. Can see the white box at the bottom of the rocker? It's battery operated but I never used this function.

Most of the time YY will be using it. I've already told QQ upfront that she needs to share it with her lil mei mei, so no rebut rebut action. So far, QQ is kind enough to let YY use it more often. YY's favorite past time on this rocking chair is to enjoy her fingers and sometimes half of her fist inside her mouth!! Yummy....

It's nice...trust me.


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