31 March, 2011

SOS call for EBM

Last Sunday morning, I received an SMS from Gina, my BF guru, whether I still have extra frozen EBM stock or not. She was asking on behalf of a new mommy, whose milk has not "arrived" yet but was pestered by the doctor to feed her baby with formula milk. I immediately replied Gina, "got got got!!". 

30mins later, a man called me. It was the little baby's daddy. He sounded so American, to the extend that I couldn't even catch his name :P I always have this kind of problem lah, cannot really digest those thick American accent. I gave him my address and he said he would see me in 2hours time. I have told him to get a cooler bag/box and a pack of ice cubes form 7-11. 

Upon his arrival, I was pretty shocked that he was actually an Indian :P I thought he's a mat salleh. Hehe. He bought a brand new Spectra cooler bag, inclusive of 4  milk storage bottles and 2 small cold pack, which were not frozen. Since he needed my stock urgently, I lend him 1pc of my cold pack to keep cold of my fresh EBM in his cooler bag. In total, I've given him 5oz x 7 bottles of my fresh EBM. He was overwhelmed! ^_^ The small cooler bag can only fit in 5 bottles, so my mom lend him a big cooler bag (those in silver color) which she bought from Tesco. We placed the ice cubes on the bottom of the big bag, then we put in the Spectra cooler bag on top of the ice cubes, plus another 2 more bottles of my fresh EBM. That should be safe enough for him to drive back to the hospital in Subang Jaya.

We had a quick chat with him about his wife and his baby girl. Apparently, doctor found out that her baby girl had jaundice and also low sugar level. During the pregnancy period, his wife had high sugar level. Erm, actually I didn't quite get him about this, I was confused then :P Mommy's milk has not arrived,  but was able to produce little bit of colostrum. Still, that was not enough for her baby. According to the doctor, if they don't feed the baby with milk, baby's life is in great danger! Doctor insisted them to feed baby with formula milk, since mommy couldn't provide enough BM to baby yet  +_+ So that was the reason why I didn't give him my frozen EBM, coz her baby was only 3days old and need to be fed urgently. Luckily I have not transferred my fresh EBM to the freezer lah. I had labeled my fresh EBM with date (all dated 26th March 2011), and I have thought him about the storage method. If baby can't finish the milk in 3days time, he needs to freeze it.

I felt so good and proud of myself, that I was able to help the little baby girl, and the anxious new parents too. Felt like being a paramedic personnel whom attended to an emergency : D 


Yvonne said...

Hi. I have 6 packs of ebm dated mid march to giveaway. Reason is because my baby don't take frozen milk. So sayang to throw away. Do u know any babies that need ebm?

Location is in jln Ipoh, KL.


Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi Yvonne,
Am happy that you are offering your EBM to the needy babies =) Do you have facebook? There's a page call "Human Milk 4 Human Babies - Malaysia" which provide a list of donors available so that whoever needs EBM may contact the donor directly. You just add that page and post your offering there. Otherwise, pls PM me your contact details, and I will help you to post it on that page.

I do have 1 "regular receiver", but he (father of the baby) stays in Puchong. Another 1 from Cheras.

Yvonne said...

Posted few days ago but no response... Quite desperate as the sooner the babies receive the milk,the better...

Never mind, u just help me promote a bit if got people ask ya! Tqvm. :)

t3ngt3ng said...

Bravo to you!!! Am so proud to have a makcik like you! :P

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hahaha TQ TengTeng!! ^_^

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Sorry Yvonne, almost overlooked your comment here +_+ Will promote for u! Thx!

* I also saw your posting on HM4HB's wall :)


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