21 March, 2011

Patchy forehead

Yesterday morning, we brought YY to her paed for her 2nd booster jabs. As usual, it was a long wait (2hr wait with big crowd). YY is weighing at 6.2kg with 63cm height. She will turn 4mth old this Friday =) This round, her reaction to the pain was rather slow. She only let out  a loud scream without tears. When Dr. Tan first cucuk her right thigh, she was still happily admiring the baby gym toys hanging above her head. Then moved on the the left thigh, cucuk, still no cry. But soon after Dr. Tan removed the needle from her thigh, then only she started to scream.Ok lah, consider brave lah :P

At night around 8.15pm, she started to be feverish (37.5 degree) and a bit cranky too. So I fed her  with 1.5ml of  fever syrup. Then I put a piece of the children size cold gel patch on her forehead to help bring down her body temperature. She was Ok with it, not like QQ where she just refused to have it on her forehead when she had fever last time. But when she saw YY having it, she berebut to have one for herself too!

Didn't keep stock for baby size cold patch, so just use the children size one lah.

I BF her to sleep as usual. Her fever subsided an hour later. I couldn't get enough of sleep, coz I constantly woke up to check her temperature. I just had the feeling that she might be feverish again anytime after the fever medicine which she took 3hours ago. That fever medicine will last for  4-6hour. 

True enough, fever came back at 2.15am measuring at 37.8 degree. After I BF her, I woke her up to feed her medicine. YY made mommy so proud. She didn't cry at all when I fed her medicine, and was very very cooperative too (plus a big loud phoooooottt from her. She had her biz in the middle of the nite!) . In fact, she was still smiling at me and Popo even though she was feverish. Aaah...so glad to see that happy face of her!! Thereafter, I pat her to sleep....yawwwwnnn....by the time I put her down on bed again, it was already 3am . In another 2.5hr time I need to get up again to pump milk, BF her and prepare myself to work. In total, I only had 4.5hr of sleep today.

No beauty sleep = No look pretty :P = Dark eye circle is my best friend = No mood to work (alasan!!) = NOT easy to be a mama. Never mind. Not that she will remain as a baby forever. This baby phase will pass real soon (another 8mths to go...consider soon??) +_+ Yawwwnn.......

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