26 April, 2011

4th SOS call for my EBM

Last Friday at about 10am, I received a message from a mother asking for my EBM. VC needed BM to feed her newborn as she was having very sore nipple, I guess to the extend of bleeding and cracked badly. VC's husband called me to arrange for the collection of my frozen EBM. He told me that for the first 2 days after her wife has delivered their baby, her wife was able to BF baby successfully. But on 3rd day onwards, the soreness began plus the cracks and bleeding. The nurses advised her to rest for a day first before she  could continue to BF her baby again. Unfortunately, her condition didn't seemed to recover thus VC contacted Gina for help. That was how VC got to know me, thru Gina again =) VC was not able to pump out her milk and would like to take my milk to feed her newborn. I told her husband that he may go to my mom's house immediately to collect 5 bottles of my frozen EBM which could last for about 3days. As what Gina has advised earlier, the mother should be producing her own milk thus I may just help her out with 5 bottles as a start.

On Sunday, he called me again that VC was still recuperating but not able to pump out much milk yet. Thus he needed more of my stock So I met him again and given him another 5 bottles of my EBM. Later in the afternoon, VC sms me sharing with me how the soreness developed. She has a friend whom delivered a baby on the same day with her. And her friend was having the same problem that she is facing now. A Paed checked the baby and found out that baby's tongue is rather short, and that has caused the soreness, cracks and bleeding on mommy's nipple. VC said the Paed snipped a bit of the baby's tongue and voila! No more painful BF experience for the mommy! So, VC will bring her baby to the Paed and might go thru the same procedure. Hopefully all went well for VC's baby lah.

On the other hand, I have also donated 15 bottles (each bottle 4.5oz) of my frozen EBM to another mother, AW last Sunday. Her daughter is touching 1yr old soon but her milk supply has dropped tremendously due to her hectic job. From a freezer full of EBM, she's now left with 5 bottles only. She couldn't find time to pump in office and can only nurse her daughter when she's back home. Glad that I can help her out, but not much though.

And with that, my freezer is now left with less than 10 bottles of frozen EBM. But I still have plenty of stocks which I would say "spoil" milk. Will talk about this separately.

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