27 April, 2011

My EBM with freezer burn condition

See the geli looking frozen EBM here. These are mine. At first glance on it, looks like fungus infection ha? This is call freezer burn BM. I've never came across this until a friend of mine posted this issue on The Breastfeeding Advocates Network in Facebook. At that point of time, my frozen EBM were still good, never in this ugly looking condition. But last week, as I was sorting out my stocks to be given to KC, my regular receiver, I was shocked to find this +_+ I didn't give away these affected stocks to other people, coz I can't even accept it myself to feed YY with it.

Date from L - R : 10 March, 10 Feb, 27 Jan 2011

I got to know that freezer burn BM is still Ok for baby. But if we have enough of BM supply, and yet still can't decide whether to feed our baby with it, discarding them would be fine :) I agree, coz no point keeping them and keep asking myself whether to use it of dump it. I have plenty of affected bags in my freezer now. I will just thaw them and offer my dry feet a nice and warm foot spa :P Will do it when I have the extra time lah. Juggling with 2 kids are not easy lah. Wanna find time to go pangsai (poo poo) also very hard!

There are a few factors which can cause our frozen EBM in freezer burn condition. Do check out this link, it has good explanation on how it happens and how to prevent the same.

I've google about it too, and found an article which says it is not safe for baby. I really have no idea who's right and wrong now. So to play safe, I choose not to feed YY with it, nor donate to other babies. The conclusion is, don't keep EBM for too long in the freezer. Too long means more than 1 1/2 month lah, that's what I observe on my affected EBM. Sigh...what a waste.



teatea8 said...

hi there! You are an amazing mama!
1) I am just like you; a bf mama too but never know that this 'affected freezer burn stocks' is no good for the bb. thanks for sharing the fact! :)
2) I am a FTWM too and have been bfing my lil girl since the day she was born till now (she is 22 months now). I never know that a bf mama is able to produce that much of milk + donate the bm to others! You really a super mom! :D

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi teatea8, thx a lot for dropping by! and also thx for your compliment =)Bravo to you too for being able to sustain your supply until your girl is 22mth old now! Awesome!!

Chinneeq said...

wah...first time i am coming across this condition ler! i used to keep up to 6 months and have not seen anything like that. thanks for sharing though. Its really important to know!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

wow, up to 6mth and no sign of freezer burn ha? good!


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