26 April, 2011

YY is 5mth old now

Last Thursday, YY was due for her check up. Luckily this round no feverish at all after the jabs.  Yesterday she turned 5mth old and is now weighing at 6.8kg and 65cm tall. Also glad to know that there isn't any more phlegm in her lung, but still have very little bit left in her nostril/throat. See, it all started during CNY. It took her almost 2 month to get rid of the stubborn phlegm. She still can't roll her body 100% yet, just half way thru only. But each time I carry her in front facing position, she will not lean against my chest and she'll be in up right position. When put her on the bed in tummy position, she doesn't want to lift her head up! Confusing.....she's just being lazy or what ar?

Anyway, that doesn't really bother me much. She'll do it right when the timing is right.  QQ was pretty slow  in performing the same rolling stunt too. YY smiles and laughs a lot throughout the day. Each time we just stare at her without  noise, she'll look at us and smile back without fail. But she starts to  cry when my cousin, who's a stranger to her, carried her few days ago. This is the so call  "recognizing people" stage lah.  She really loves to interact with QQ. No matter what kind of funny or weird noise QQ made infront of her, she'll laugh out loud. And her favorite activity would be having her to sit on our arms and gently swing her front and back while QQ  jumps  up and down non stop +_+ I tell ya....my lidi arms cannot tahan any longer!!  I can't barely have her on my arms (and gotto swing her some more!)  for more than 5mins. 

YY's favorite position on my skeletal arms

Overall, YY is growing well and eats well. Currently she's taking 5oz - 6oz of my EBM at every 2.5 to 3 hour in day time. But sometimes when she is asleep for longer hour, the interval may varies. So that sums up to at least 3 to 4 bottles of milk per day while I'm at work.

I notice that YY shares the same birth mark with her jie jie. See the small patch near to their belly button? Almost the same spot huh. QQ's one is getting more and more unnoticeable as she grows. It was once looked exactly like what YY is having now. 

Happy sista!

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