12 April, 2011

Geez, I'm feeding QQ with 11-15 teaspoons of SUGARY milk everyday

Sigh....I guess many mommies must have got shocked over the latest TVC about the sugar level content in the growing up milk powder which are available off the shelf. When I first saw that TVC, I told myself that maybe QQ will not be the "victim" coz she's not taking those ordinary milk powder.  Don't know why  my first impression over that TVC was "aaah, COW's milk powder is high of sugar".  QQ's  milk is meant for picky eater and needless to say, price is sky high. So it is not really a pure cow's milk powder. The purplish color tin. Can guess which brand ka? Hehehe.

But later due to my itchy hands, I went to check out the ingredients printed on the tin. And after reading my friend's blog about the same matter, that add on my worrisome so the more I wanted to find out the fact or rather the sugar faith between QQ and the milk powder she's been taking.

Here's the result @_@ Very the scary and disappointing. You may check the sugar level contain for your choice of formula milk brand at this website www.semakgula.com

There were once my dad tried QQ's milk (the leftover from the bottle) and he told me that the taste was superbly sweet. So now it is proven that the milk which QQ has been taking really contains high sugar level. But what can I do ya? Change to the brand which the company declares that it has zero added sugar?  QQ is a picky eater. She's very much underweight (11kg @ 3.5yo) but luckily she catches up pretty well in her pre-school. Only when she started attending pre-school last year, I can see some slight improvement on her appetite. She eats the most while in pre-school. She takes 8oz of milk as breaskfast, then 9.30am snack time and lunch at 12.30pm. Dinner time at home is the most pathetic lah, but she eats more than before lately (with so much of nagging and scolding from us!) For the past 1mth, she's kinda addicted to the milk, where she'll ask for a small bottle of milk (5oz-6oz) before she sleeps. Even if she took quite big amount of dinner, she still asks for her milk.

11-15 teaspoons of added sugar per day for her milk intake is crazy. I forbid all sorts of sweets for QQ - lollipops, gula-gula, chocolates, etc. She only gets to try some on special day, which happens once in a blue moon. My thinking is, she's already a picky eater so why want to let her help herself with these unhealthy food? Yes, she's just a small kid and some told me EVERY kid EATS chocolate/sweets as they grow. NO. I don't grow up with these junk food, same goes to my elder brother and sister. So in my family, none of us fancy sweets/gula-gula, or anything that is sweet. And I thought that giving her this special milk as food supplement is a wise choice. Now think twice.

With my over supply of BM, how I wish that QQ accepts my BM now. Once again, it is proven that breast feeding is the best feeding =)


Yvonne said...

I know.. It's P*D**S***. It's for fussy eaters and skinny toddlers. I think QQ have ur genes. She is just small size la. I read from some forums that u can give ur toddlers fresh milk like Dutch lady etc.. Maybe u wAnna try that instead? I tasted P****S*** as well.. Very very sweet.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

yeah, that's the brand =) QQ definitely inherits my skinny genes, thus she is as slim as me :P but still, she's a very picky eater so that adds on to her skinny look. About the fresh milk, a friend of mine said that her son's paed doesn't allow her to let her son drink fresh pasteurized milk due to high risk of virus/backteria attack kid's stomach. Now really in dilemma. I think I'll talk to my gal's paed first, see what he has to say lah.

LittleLamb said...

u cant trick QQ to drink yr BM? like mixing milo in there?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Erm...I have tot of it, but then worry that she might get too hook on with Milo flavor later. In case when no more extra stock, she has to go back to plain milk flavor. scare she reject milk flavor pulak +_+

Health Freak Mommy said...

One of the reasons why I don't let BBC drink formulated milk. I let her drink fresh milk, with no added sugar and add 1 teaspoon of formulated choco milk powder for flavor, once a day. Twice a day she drinks organic sugar-free soy bean powder with Nutrifresh. Hey, you can add some formulated choco milk powder into your BM for QQ. Hopefully she can't detect ;p

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Wonder whether a bit of Milo powder can really cover the yucky smell of frozen BM or not? I dare not try first before giving it to QQ :P Maybe will try on fresh EBM!


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