15 April, 2011

Hub's birthday

14th April was HubB's 33rd birthday and we had a finger licking good celebration for him at KFC. He's a great fans of this White Head Uncle =) See, so easy to celebrate for him, no need to crack my head for special preparation in terms of food and venue!

HubB and QQ both love kai-pei (drumstick) very much. QQ was so happy when we let her hold the kai-pei and eat it on her own.

After the chicken feast, we headed back home for a birthday cake treat. QQ sang for her Baba and soon-bin blew the candles for him! This is by default lah, can't escape.

I love the below picture! Check out the toothless kepohchi, she was smiling and eyeing on the cake!

Happy Birthday to you Hub!! May you be blessed with wonderful health (and wealth :P)!!

Baba's fav girlfren :P

QQ enjoying the white chocolate strip from the cake. See, this is what I mentioned before, the once in a blue moon sweet treat.

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