09 October, 2009

Another birthday bash on actual day

Happy 2yr old birthday to my lil Smellybutt!!

We had another birthday celebration for her on the actual day, 7th October 09. We gathered all the pressies which were kept under the bed earlier, and she was so excited with the pressies surrounded her that night.

My mom has ordered a choc mousse cake and it was soooo yummy!

This is my fav picture! That's my mom on the far right.

As usual, the after effect of dai dai dam bite on the cake :)

Please bear with her expression..
I swear that she was actually very happy and excited with the pressies!

A bling bling hair clip from Lee yiyi

Balloons with Barney picture too. Yes, she's a big fan of Barney and Friends.

I purposely bought these masks for her to put on, and guess what? She refused! Ended up with me on it, and she gave Barney a big smooch! Hehehe

Time flies...she's already 2yr old now. Blink my eyes again and she'll be 3, then 4 then schooling, then working then get married!! Muahahahahaa!! My mind has wandered way too far...

But my mom always say this to me, "by the time she gets married, maybe I'm no longer here". Each time she says that, even now typing this, I want to cry and hug my mom. She loves Smellybutt very very much. I pray that my mom will have a long healthy life, so that she can witness Smellybutt's marriage...I really hope it happens when the time comes.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wah... she has reached what ppl called the "Terrible Two's" age ar.. I wonder what is so terrible with toddlers at this age... hmmm....

And, yeah...Remember how much your parents sacrifice to bring you up and must repay them with gratitude and love. Cherish your
parents while they are still alive..

I think the best gift you can give your child is to bring them up in the best possible way you can, never pressure them to compete with others, just let them do their best and pray they will live their lives to the max (of course, honest living lah!)

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

She already showed me the Terrible Two's age 6mth ago! Hehehe..now we'll have the Tornado Two's I guess :)

yeah..u r rite, we've gotto treasure the time we have with our parents!

Chinneeq said...

happy birthday to your girl! WAH..she got so many pressies a!!!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

kekeke thx chinnee!!


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