19 October, 2009

HubB thought she's color blind

Last week, HubB told me that he suspected Smellybutt having problem to distinguish the blue and green color. I asked him, "you mean she is color blind?". I told HubB that she's just 2yr old now, I guess it's too early for us to know exactly whether she is color blind or not, right? Maybe she doesn't even know what is blue and what is green. But wait. She knows exactly what is red and green actually. We have taught her so when we were on the road, green light means can move (the car), it's a sign to jalan. We always say the word jalan to her, so she loves to use that term too. Red light means to stop. Each time in the car, she will say this to me "mama, red light stop! green light jalan!".

I told my mom about my HubB's worry. She then told me that 2 days ago, Smellybutt has managed to tell her these 4 colors : Red (she said pink actually), green, blue and white. Ha! Smellybutt has proven to us that she knows how to differentiate the colors lah! Hehehehe. Am truly happy and proud of her.


Chinneeq said...

poor u. luckily she is fine.

Mumzzy said...

this is one worry i have for Eve too...i'm glad Smellybutt's okay! :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

She's a smart girl isnt she? Only 2 and knows her colors.


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