02 October, 2009

Chop chop chop

Bought this set from the recent Parenthood Fair at Mid Valley. Smellybutt likes it a lot. In fact, many us (Aunty Dory, my SIL) and myself love this toy. There's velcro sticking the pieces together. The chopping sound really sounds so real due to the velcro...as if you are chopping celery ^_^

It comes with a nice wooden tray which includes these :
A wooden knife
A wooden chopping board
Watermelon, cucumber, sosage, tomato, white bread, bun and lemon.

I'm still keeping the white bread and lemon. I only want to show it to her 1 by 1, so that she won't get bored with all of them after a few play. She knows how to serve the fruits and bun. She'll chop them into pieces and place 1 piece on the small masak masak plastic plate and serve to us. In the beginning, she pretends to eat it, then slowly she put it into her mouth. I told that she should hold if far away from mouth as this is just a toy, not edible. From then onwards, after serving to my mom, she'll tell her "Popo, hold far far to eat. Not hold near near keh". Hehehehe.

Nowadays, I will try to look for educational toys for Smellybutt, so that she can have fun and get to learn the right thing at the same time. So what are the benefits of this set of pretend play wooden toys?

Fine Motor



Develop the senses

I can tell that Smellybutt really master all the above skills even before she owns this set of wooden toys. Now even better with it, to enhance her skill 1 step further. Am really happy with it and worth spending on this too. Retail price is RM49.90 but I got it cheaper during the Parenthood Fair, at RM45.00

Recently Enfakids is giving away this type of toy for FREE on each pack of their milk powder. My superior has bought 5 packs because there are 5 types of toy available :) She said to me, " being a kiasu mom, I grab 5 packs of milk powder just to collect the 5 different types of toy they have". Hahahaha. Come to think of it, that is not so kiasu lah. Your kid will still drink the milk what, so it is not a waste to buy all 5 at 1 go.

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