07 October, 2009


There were times when I was at work, Smellybutt would looked for me and said this to my mom with watery eyes and duck lips (mulut penyet liao, in the process to cry)

QQ : Mama leh?
Popo : Mama working.
QQ : (Almost cry out but tahan her tears) Mama go away already :( Mama faster come back bring QQ go Desa Park play ball ar?

Soobbb...Oh dear...When my mom told me about this, I wanted to cry and leave my job immediately! Even my mom couldn't hold her tears too.

I have thought of being a SAHM before. But not now, maybe later, especially when I have my 2nd child. I know it's not an easy job to be at home with own child all the time. It could be even worst than working 9-5 with all the work pressure and the most silly and unnecessary office politic. But sometimes office politics are "entertainment" too :) And I have friends who are SAHM, they do complaint that kids are driving them up the wall. They are pretty stressed. Hahaha. You see, SAHM would love to be at work when the kids are 'torturing' them at home whereas a full time working mom like me is considering to leave the job and be a SAHM! You want to be like me and I want to be like you. Then later change mind when things are out of control. LOL! I'm scratching my head, to be (a SAHM) or not to be?

HubB will be leaving his current job and move on to a more challenging 1 soon. New job has few good promises - better pay, flexible working hour (could be longer hour, it depends), lesser stress because this is his dream job ^_^ I'm happy for him.

But I do not want to fully rely on HubB, especially on money wise. I don't like that idea. I want to do something, to have my own income (even though not as much as what I'm getting now with a full time job. Erm, current income is not a big amount also lah :P). If I become a SAHM, I will still work out some part time job...maybe to expand a little bit on the e-shop thingy :) Will see how lah. Too early to kill my brain cell to think over this now. Chottomatte kudasai....


Mumzzy said...

completely agree with you...sometimes wish to be full time mummy...but during confinement time...miss my freedom! hahaa

Mark said...

The grass is always greener on the other side. :)

Maybe you could work from home?


Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Mumzzy - hehehe..sometimes miserable huh.. :P

Mark - work from home..yeah, that's my plan too :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

I think it depends on the mummy la... I used to be so committed to work last time that I rarely have time to go piss at work. But when the baby comes, all the priority shift liao... I still didn't regret my decision to quit tho' :)


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