15 October, 2009

Mooncake Festival

About 2 years ago, I did the same like what we had on 4 Oct 2009, a day after the actual Mooncake Festival Day. Smellybutt was still in my big tummy at that time. My sister and I lite up the colorful lanterns and hung them near the auto gate.

This year, we get to do it again with Smellybutt's presence and of course with much more laughter and merrier! She was very happy and excited the moment she saw us with the candles. She quickly carry her own chair (the red 1) and placed it next to the wooden stool, which makes it as her 'work station' - to take out the candles and display them on the wooden stool nicely. Since it was so dark at the porch, Dun Dun became her butler, to fan her with a cardboard while she busy at her work station.

I really love the color of these paper made lanterns, especially when they are all lite up and being hung nicely.

Smellybutt wanted to hold it, so Dun Dun get her a long stick to hang on it.

This is the electronic lantern which my MIL has bought for her. When you switch it on, there's music. Actually quite annoying with the loud music. I use a cellophane tape to stick on 'speaker' part, so that it will not be so loud. Smellybutt doesn't like it so much, compared to the traditional candle-based lanterns. Hahaha. All because of the candles. Remember, she loves to blow off the candle on the birthday cake. So true enough, she wanted to blow off each and every of the candles in the lanterns. Check out the video at the bottom. We had a good laugh over it! Smellybutt kena con :P

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