05 October, 2009

More funny quotes from her

Smellybutt will turn 2yr old next week. Her vocabulary is going really good, which is really out of my expectation. Sometimes I wonder whether other kids of the same age are like her too? 1 thing for sure, there was a 1yr old boy who can talk very well in full sentence - my eldest brother! According to my mom, he started to talk (really talking, not baby talk) very well when he was only a year old. Amazing. Mr CKW, if you are reading this, be proud of yourself ya ^_^

Few days ago, Smellybutt has said this to my mom.

Take 1 : When she just woke up early in the morning.

QQ : Popo, today haven't drink Ah-Jen hor? Haven't take vitamin hor?
Popo : Yeah, Ah-Jen later. We go for vitamin now ok. Why you never say not yet drink nen nen?

QQ : Kang hai ng moi nen nen la! (Of course don't want nen nen la!!)

Popo stunt already with that statement. She knows how to use the word "of course"!! How come??

Take 2 : In the car with my MIL and FIL.

QQ : QQ tar phei (kentut!) (phoooot!! Really kentut 1)... Grandpa pengsan jor!

Muahahahaha!! Actually she has said this to my mom when she was at home. Don't know why she has chosen to say grandpa pengsan each time after she released the bom :P

Take 3 : In the afternoon at home.

QQ : Popo, QQ wants ai-jim.
Popo : What??
QQ : Ai-jim.
Popo : What again??
QQ : Popo come....(she then holds Popo's hand and walk to the fridge). Ai-jim ar....
Popo : Oooh...you mean ice cream!
QQ : Aaaaa...ai-jim lah. Popo don't understand QQ say ai-jim meh??

LOL!!! Popo laughed till she almost roll on the floor. How come she knows how to respond with that ayat power?!!


Health Freak Mommy said...

Wow, your bro can talk at 1 yo? I bet he must be a smart guy, is he? I know that kids who start talking at an early age is one sign that they are smart.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hehehhe..he's indeed a very smart guy :)


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