21 June, 2010

Can sew or cannot sew?

I saw this hand made jeans corsage via I Like Paper Cutting blog. I have plenty of old jeans but sayang to buang coz they are all Levi's. Nah... I didn't fork out a single cent for the branded jeans, it was my ex-lady boss who gave them to me. She is as "fit" as me, that was why she passed over to me her "excessive" stock. LOL!!

Now I'm soooo tempted to sew that jeans corsage coz I find it simple, nice and also an easy DIY work too. But 1 thing crossed my mind after reading the post. Can I really sew while I'm pregnant? Aiyah...for those of you who are not Chinese, let me share with you the pantang larang for being a Chinese hot chick pregnant lady like me!! Muahahahaaha!! Sorry if I make your tummy upset :P

According to the Chinese believing, if you are pregnant, you CAN'T do these stunts :
1) sewing
2) shift house
3) move house furniture
4) house renovation
5) nailing the wall - super pantang!

What else ya?? That's all I can think of now. So why can't I sew? According to the cerita moyang, the sewing work will affect the baby's outlook. Maybe the baby will have weird deep scar on his/her face or body. The most common 1 is to cause the baby to have cleft lip. Hmmm...so how now?

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....if I sew the jeans corsage, am I going against the Chinese pantang larang firewall?


kppang said...

believe at the moment, no sew :)

t3ngt3ng said...

baik ko panggil kakak ko ke, mak ko ke yg buat kan.. whether tu pantang larang betul ke tidak, tak baik amik risiko ;)


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