29 June, 2010


When we were in New Zealand last month, she gave me a surprise by counting out the objects found in her coloring book. I NEVER knew she could count objects perfectly, from 1 - 10. Just a few months before our trip, I was trying to teach her counting too, but she doesn't seem to understand the concept and ignored me totally.

I'm very happy with her achievement, as I really don't expect her to do counting so soon. She's 31 month now, will turn 3 this 7th October. And it's time to put on my thinking cap, to plan for her birthday celebration!

Here's what she normally does at home, coloring and counting. As usual, she will ask me to be Teacher Nel and I need to "call name" in the classroom. She will be super excited each time I say "Ok Pang Yi Qing, come here sit beside me. We do counting today". She'll answer me "oooh OK!!" and run towards me. That is almost a must-do thing almost every night. If I'm not around, my mom and sister will be her next target :)

I told Teacher Nel the other day that I was very impressed with Smellybutt's counting skill. A credit to Teacher Nel!!!

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