28 June, 2010

Nasi sudah jadi bubur

I've just checked my email this morning and saw an update from Air Asia - "Endless Excitement in Hat Yai". Must be offering cheap air tickets to that place lah. Thought of deleting that email but don't know why I continued to click on it and read on.....only to find out that Air Asia is also offering CHEAP air tickets to BKK - "all in fare from RM25"!!!!! The traveling period is from 12 July to 30 Sept 2010, which is also my preferred traveling day! I went on to check their promo price and put in the date which I've booked with MAS. Was praying soooo hard that the total price would be more or less like what I've paid to MAS lah...so that my heart won't ache so much. The result?? @#%$#@^&% RM1,332.00 for 3 person vs MAS price RM1,832.00 I could have SAVED RM500 in total, IF I book my air tickets with Air Asia today!!

SAYA MAU PENGSAN LIAO! +_+ I thought that I was late enough to book my flight to BKK, and with that, my payment to MAS was really worth it. Can you imagine how many baju + baju + baju + kasut + accessories that I can buy with my excess payment of RM500??

And why in the first place I tangan gatal went to check on Air Asia current promo price leh?? I was so happy counting down my happy days...and now the only thing that I keep counting in my mind is the over-paid Ringgit to MAS..... T_T

I've just sms to Teacher Nel about my broad day light nightmare...she said "think on the bright side, and travel with happy heart Ok. At least you still have Haagan Dazs ice cream and Ferraro Roche :P" Yeah, right!!

P/s : I know "someone" will shake head with a big sigh after reading this post.


ILikePaperCutting said...

I like the way Teacher Nel comfort you.

LittleLamb said...

its OK. Just look forward to ur trip.


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