25 June, 2010

Tearless jab at all

Couple of weeks ago, we brought Smellybutt to the Pediatric for her 2nd Hepatitis A jab. As usual, the clinic was full of people. To be more precise, we had to wait for another 6 kiddies patient then only would be our turn. That 6 kiddies wait took us more than 1.5 hour! And once Smellybutt's name being called, we only stayed in the consultation room for less than 3min. Actually fast means nothing serious lah right. Should thank God also.

Dr Tan checked her height and weight. She has grew taller and gained some weight too (11kg! Yay!) Then the nurse asked me to hold her hand tight while Popo diverted her attention with some toys on the table. Dr Tan tried to hide away the needle as he approached nearer, but some how Smellybutt kepoh and turned to look at him...and the needle =) Sepantas kilat, Dr Tan poked her left thigh and the nurse quickly affixed a small plaster on that part. I thought Smellybutt would cry just like she did 6 months ago when getting her 1st Hep A jab. But this round, surprise surprise! She didn't shed a single tears at all =) She only uttered "pain pain ar" and that was it. Before we left the room, she even said bye bye to Dr Tan. Waaa amazing...Dr Tan was happy with her greeting, and so did Popo and I. Sudah besar lah anakku ^_^ or was it because she is more thick skin already? Hmm.....

After that visit to the Pediatric, she pestered me to dig out this set of 'doctor equipment' from the store room.

And then she said she wanted to be a doctor coz Popo was sick! (Choy!!)

So here she is....handling her favorite potato couch patient. She gave her patient a hair cut first...and then followed by an ear treatment! She did used the stethoscope, but then I couldn't managed to snap the picture coz I was too tired that time. Wasted lah...coz she pointed it on Popo's chest, and then to the left and right, as if she was trying to get the heart beat. Then she moved on to Popo's neck, face, nose and finally the eyes! Hehehe.

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