08 July, 2010

Belated Teacher-Parent's Day

I've missed out the actual Teacher-Parent's Day with Teacher Nel. It was on 6th June, the day we all touched down KL from Auckland. It was in the morning, so that was why I couldn't make it.

Last week, I made an arrangement with Teacher Nel, to collect Smellybutt's very first report card. And of course to listen to what Teacher Nel has to say about her performance in the pre-school.

Overall, she was Ok lah...rated "Good" for most of the criteria, except for her Mandarin subject. She still couldn't recognise the simple Chinese words such as mouth, hand, nose etc. But it is alright, as most of her classmates can't do it as well. Still too early for her to master it. She still have room for improvement =) I also noticed that Smellybutt speaks more English than before. Sign of improvement :) She would respond to her teacher in English too, except during Mandarin class. But there's 1 boy who just love to speak in Chinese all the time. And sometimes Smellybutt will be "influenced" by him. Naughty boy ha....

About her behavior/attitude in class, she is helpful and friendly. But she still doesn't like to share stuff with her fellow classmates. Erm...I guess this is not something unusual too. Many kids behave the same like her, I believe.

But 1 thing which she didn't really change from the beginning, i.e. to bully the person who feeds her lunch :P Teacher Nel is no longer the class teacher for Smellybutt, she's now taking care of the year 4 students. During lunch time, most of the kids have to be fed. Otherwise it will take them ages to finish their food and this will affect their next schedule of activities. They can actually eat their rice until it turns porridge also never finished yet....hahahaha. So Teacher Nel is not feeding Smellybutt anymore, and replaced by Teacher May, the assistant. According to Teacher Nel, Teacher May is the very motherly type where she would follow the kid's instruction! :P So what did my lil monster do during lunch time? She would asked Teacher May to let her take her water tumbler and hold it. That's not the end of it yet. She will then asked Teacher May to let her hold her handkerchief. And then hold her bag....and then walk here and there a bit checking out her class mates...This kind of "tricks" will not happen to Teacher Nel, NEVER! =) And because of all these tricks, she needs more time to finish her food. Popo also starts yawning at the waiting area... @_@

Teacher Nel has to put a stop on it. So she took Smellybutt to her year 4 student class to feed her during lunch time! Muahahahaha...Smellybutt cannot run away this time. But she cried the moment she was brought to the class next door because she knew she couldn't eat together with her konco-konco whom also eat with the halaju of a snail ^_^ She only cried when she saw the year 4 class room door. She'll stop crying when she entered the class room and will eat as usual, but very obediently and quickly! At home, she could eat her food all by herself, except if her beloved Baba is there with her. She'll sit back, happily shaking her legs while being fed by her " male nanny" =) And I can eat peacefully =)

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