21 July, 2010

Her very first Nebulizer treatment

A week before our departure to BKK, again, Smellybutt had mild fever and then accompanied by cough with phlegm. Really sueh lah...EACH time wanna travel, sure she will down with something unexpectedly. But I guess this round was due to the durian. Yess, durian!! HubB bought some durian and she only took a few bites. The very next day, fever attacked...and then kof! kof! and kaathuikk!! I guess she owns a heaty body, just like me. If I take french fries for 2 days in a row, on the 3rd day I will have some pimples popping out on my face, and might get swollen gum too. See the "fragile" me? :P

We brought her to the Pediatrician twice, coz she seemed to be unable to sleep thru the night. Coughing a lot as the phlegm got jammed in her throat. So Dr. Tan advised to take Nebulizer this time...to "melt down" her sticky phlegm for better breathing.

Here's the preparation......

While waiting for the nurse to prepare the machine, Smellybutt started to pose for my camera, in front of other people in the clinic =) Such a good poser!! No shame shame at all :P

Then, the nurse called her to take the medicine first, prior to inhaling the vaporized medication. Smellybutt was very cooperative and gulped down the medicine sepantas kilat. At the same time, there was another boy, who also need the Nebulizer treatment. The nurse, or rather his grandma had a hard time force feeding him the small cup of medicine down his throat. He was yelling, crying loudly non stop. I guess he only took 1/2 the medicine, coz mostly he spitted out liao. Smellybutt kept asking me, "why kor kor cry? ng moi sik yeok ar? (don't want to take medicine is it)" Hahaha.

We then accompanied Smellybutt to a room, where they kept the machine. At first, she was quite excited with it.

As soon as we put her on the mask with the "smoke", she breath-in few times and then started to reject it +_+ It was her turn to be cranky.

Then, the boy came in as well and surprisingly, he was so much calm down already. The nurse must have bribed him with some sweets :P He put on the mask and never make a single noise too....amazing. So it was Smellybutt's turn to have drama there. But she jaga image a bit, as she saw the boy was so quiet with the mask, she made lesser fuss. 15min later, everything was over and Dr. Tan checked on her breathing again...gave us the green light and then we left the clinic.

That Nebulizer treatment has indeed relieved her a lot from coughing badly, especially at night. She continued with her cough and phlegm medication as usual together with Shuang Hor Lingzhi and Bee Pollen intake, and by the time we need to take our flight to BKK, she has recovered tremendously =)

Now I can scare her off with the Nebulizer mask whenever she insists for ice cream during her kof kof period :P It works!

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