05 July, 2010

Today I holiday

Smellybutt ponteng sekolah today +_+ My mom called me this morning and passed the phone to her....and she was crying like hell!! She said to me "mami, I want to go Jusco!". Waaaaa go Jusco?? I tried to comfort her and promised her that I'll bring her to Jusco when I'm back from work lah. While crying, she said "Ok Ok". I told my mom it's fine if she will be late to school today, just give her some time lah. Must be having too good time with us in Ipoh over the weekend. So, seems like Smellybutt also have "Monday blue" now.

3 mins later, my mom called again and she said Smellybutt still crying and refused to change into her uniform *eyes rolling*. She grabbed the phone and said to me "today I holiday, no need go to kindergarten". Yeah right...holiday konon.

Haiih...I don't want to force her as I feel this will make things worst. Most importantly, at this early age, I don't want her to have "school phobia" symptom. Just like what my sister did when she first started her primary school. According to my mom, every single morning my sister will complaint having stomachache. That was her stereotype excuse for not going to school =) But although she was lazy going to the school and University (she even fell asleep in the lecture hall most of the time!!), my sister is still a very smart person and did very well in all her school exams. I hope Smellybutt will not follow her Ah Yi's step! I mean ponteng sekolah or sleep in the class room lah ;)

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