14 July, 2010

My 5th mth check up - gender revealed!

Yesterday night, I went for my routine check up. I am now into the 5th month pregnancy, Lil BB weighing 258gm with 43cm body length - normal. Dr Tan said by now I should have felt Lil BB's movement. Yeah, already felt her kung-fu side kick 3 weeks ago leh =)

Also collected my DNA test result for Down Syndrome and Edward's Syndrome test. Result was fine, very low risk of me having an abnormal baby. Do you know what is Edward's Syndrome? I've never heard of it before, but for sure something bad or even worst than Down Syndrome I guess. Curiosity kills the monkey (I was born in the year of metal monkey :P) so I've asked further what is Edward's Syndrome. According to Dr. Tan, so far not a single baby with Edward's Syndrome survived in this world. NONE. Coz those baby will die in the mother's womb, before he/she even reaches the 3rd trimester. But there was a mother who eventually gave birth to her baby with Edward's Syndrome, and that baby only survived for 21 days. And then I asked some more, so how does an Edward's Syndrome baby looks like? The baby's body will not formed properly, like center parting. Erm...difficult to explain lah. The baby will like folding up together with a deep cleft mark from lips down to bottom. Tummy will be protruding out too. Geezz...from my imagination, the baby will look very very awkward. As I listened to Dr Tan, my jaw dropped and my eyes grew bigger and bigger @_@ Then Dr Tan said "Ok that's all about it. You don't have to know so much about Edward's Syndrome now". Ok Ok, habis cerita.

Next, my long awaited soalan cepu mas "Dr, can check the gender ar?". As he scanned my tummy.....

Dr Tan : first child boy or girl?
Me : girl
Dr Tan : haha...this 1 leh, also a
Me : GIRL?? Sure?
Dr Tan : yes, a girl
Me : Sure?
Dr Tan : YES
Me : Very sure??
Dr Tan : yes
Me : Sure ar??
Dr Tan : yes, a girl!!! see, it's flat down there. flat.
Me : ya wor...FLAT!! Hahahahahaha!!

That means, I'll have a mini "lou fu nar" (tigress) this year!!

Honestly, I do felt a little bit (10% saja) dissapointed with that news. Coz all this while, I already have a little bit feeling that I'm having a boy this round. But maybe because of my own wrong prediction, therefore I sendiri kecewakan sendiri :P Lor li jin (sendiri cari pasal)!! Anyway, I'm still VERY HAPPY that I'm carrying a healthy baby girl now!! HubB doesn't mind at all for having another pretty-like-mommy daughter. Muahahahaha. Oh btw, HubB better not kecoh over this coz it is not my fault, or rather any woman's fault, for having a baby girl =) He is responsible for it! Now Smellybutt is officially having a little sister. And by early Dec 2010, another mini me will emerge in this world! When the 3 of us walk together down the street, we look like triplet sista!! Wuahahhahahaha!!! Day dreaming again..... +_+

So now I can safely start to shop for newborn baby girl's clothing! Nah...Smellybutt's old newborn clothes are not enough (lame excuse!!). Must buy some new baju for Lil BB keh, else not fair to her :P


chinnee said...

congrats to you! Hey, u know what, u will have extra 2 sons to fetch u here and there, come back for dinner all time in future!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

thanks Chinnee! I do really hope so!! ;)


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