01 July, 2010

Guilty me

Yesterday night, I met my cousin sister and a close friend (they both know each other too) at Mid Valley for dinner. We didn't meet up for quite some time. And I need to pass to them my small gift from New Zealand too. But in the late evening, my sister called me and said she'll drop by and join us. So my parents will help me to take care of Smellybutt at home.

As I reached Mid Valley, my mom called me informing that the moment Smellybutt got up from her nap, she was crying out loud looking for me. Oooh dear =( My mom wanted to bring Smellybutt to meet up with us, by KTM. She quickly dressed her up and went downstairs. Unfortunately, my dad was not at home at that point of time so nobody could send them to the KTM station. Imagine, all dressed up and in the end cannot leave the house. I felt so bad, leaving her behind.

My sister and I reached home at about 9pm. Smellybutt was very quiet, lying on the sofa watching TV. She didn't ran towards me to greet me, which she usual does. Was she mad at me?? Then my mom has said this to me, "around 7pm, it rained. Smellybutt asked me to tell the sky not to rain, coz mami and Ah Yi are not back home yet." Aiyooo as I am typing now, my eyes already teary liao T_T

See...she was worried about us, not able to get back home due to the rain and therefore she literally pray for us! While my sister and I were happily having dinner out there! Sooooo bad of me!!! Very very bad of me!!! I still feel very guilty over the incident =( VERY VERY GUILTY.

I apologized to her few times, and she seemed to be don't care! No expression at all +_+ But after a while, she was back to normal...play and laugh as usual. Geeezzz....I want to reward her something for her "lil prayer". I recognize her effort!


ILikePaperCutting said...

feeling so sweet and warm reading this post.

chinnee said...

poor girl... :(


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