01 July, 2010

A jelly cake this year?

Smellybutt will turn 3 year old this coming October. She has grown up so much! From a tiny little 2.3kg newborn baby to an 11kg mak nenek who talks and acts like an adult whole day long. We never get bored with her repeated "stunts" as she continues to fill our house with lots of laughter each day.

So what's up for this year birthday celebration? Got her a set of delicious cake with Barney design from San Ferri last year. This year I'd like to try out the jelly cake. My cousin bought the same for her son's birthday recently and when I showed the picture to Smellybutt, she seemed to like it. But my mom doesn't like this idea, as she feels that there is too much of coloring on the jelly. Looks so "poisonous"!! Hahaha.

I've managed to google some jelly cake seller in Klang Valley, and found these 2 website :

http://jellycakehouse.com/ - price seems to be reasonable. I'll say cheap with presentable design! They have many branches too, so I guess it's not a problem for self pick up. Upon checking with them, their jelly cake is preservative free.

http://www.qjelly.com/ - a bit pricey, but with more design. Also preservative free.

Maybe I will get her a jelly cake for the celebration among family members and close relatives. Then I order some yummy and cute cookies baked by my beloved cousin sister for Smellybutt to bring to her pre school. Cookies are for her class mates and teachers together with a small party pack. Hmm....when I go Bangkok next week, I'll look out for some cheap and cute stuff for the kids, to be included in the party pack.

Check out the cute cookies made by cousin sister....they are soooo lovely!!

cookies over cuppies

Now I have to think of the venue to celebrate with family and relatives. This is my biggest annual headache without fail! You know why? Smellybutt doesn't have lots of little cousins, only 2 of them the max. So how am I going to have a birthday party for her? Not even at McD or KFC coz quota tak cukup. They need at least 10 children. If I invite my colleague and their family, then I can meet the quota. But they are all staying in Shah Alam area. To get them come down to KL is kinda mah fan for them I guess. If I put my self in their shoes, I wouldn't want to go so far too. You know lah, weekend is family day....Haai....headache....headache....


LittleLamb said...

WAH...so fast u planning for birthday jor? now only july wor...Oct so long away. u r very good mama...and good planner.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

im no good ler...that's why need to start planning so early..i'll sit and think think think what,where,when,how,who etc....hahaha. think too much that's why need longer time lor :P


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