17 December, 2010

Bepanthen ointment is good

 YY poo poo a lot, that's normal for a newborn. She'll poo while having milk too =) In and out at the same time :P But due to this, her bottom turns red....got nappy rash already. She's on kain lampin during day time, and on disposable at night. Her bottom gets rather more serious since yesterday. As soon as I notice the development of nappy rash, I've already start applying cream on her bottoms. Initially I use Drapolene Cream.

But yesterday as I was blog hopping, I read a blog about night diapering and nappy rash problem. Somebody commented that Bepanthen Ointment works so much better than Drapolene Cream. Without much hesitation, I immediately SMS HubB to get a tube for YY from the nearest pharmacy. 

It does work well!!! CL and I started to use Bepanthen Ointment on YY's bottom since yesterday night. And now, we can see the improvement on YY's bottom. Nappy rash has subsided so much. In fact, this ointment can also help to heal sore/cracked nipples, dry, chapped and cracked skin and other minor skin injuries too. 

Bepanthen Ointment is free from colourant, fragrance and preservative. Just nice for baby's delicate skin!


Lisa Chan said...

MM and JJ also use Bepanthen. Expensive ooo.. but don't care as long as it works wonder ... :)

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

ya ya! =)

Caca said...

oh really the blue one is better than pink? I have been using only pink all the while.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

very much better, the blue one :)


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