11 December, 2010

My kilograms and bulging tummy - gone with the wind!

Before I give birth to YY, my last weight record was 55kg. 10days after my delivery, my weight was 45kg. Dropped 10kg already? I want those KGs desperately!!! 45kg is my ideal weight, and I don't think I can maintain it. It's in my gene, I can't gain weight normally :P I'm pretty sure by Jan 2011, I'll be back to my same old underweight reading i.e. 40kg  :( I know there are mommies out there who wanted to shed off those extra kilos soonest possible, but here I am now, recalling back my "blood sweat fats". 

But that's not all. The most amazing part was, my little bulging tummy has gone too!!! This is really out of my expectation. I remember that during QQ's time, I still can't fit into my old clothes during her full moon party due to my little bulging tummy (and not forgetting my 2 milky assets :P), which was then more like 5 month pregnant. But this round, my post natal 5mth-pregnant-tummy has vanished in such a short period of time =) Yay!! I have not even contacted my urut kakak. Save my $$$!!


Lisa Chan said...

hehe.. amazing hor? I lost total 11.6kg up todate. So happy.. getting ready to buy CNY clothes liao.. kekeke.. :D

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Haha go go go!!! :)

LittleLamb said...

I very sim mou le. i m stuck at 55kg :(

Glad that ur pump is working fine now..ehhehe


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