03 December, 2010

My baby was delivered on Thanks Giving Day!

Double joy on year 2010 Thanks Giving Day as my 2nd child was delivered on this special day, 25th November 2010, Thursday @ 10.17pm =)

It all begun on that morning, around 9am I started to have some minor contraction every 8-12min. After 1hour monitoring the pain, it stopped. Nothing after that. So.....it was a false alarm. Then at 7pm when I was about to have my dinner at home, I had the contraction pain again. This round, it was a bit more intense compared to the morning session. I really don't feel good at all, and can't even finish my dinner too. Thus by 7.30pm HubB brought me to see Dr. Tan and grabbed my hospital bag + Cryocord Kit along as well. I had the feeling that I will give birth on the same night.

As Dr. Tan checked my dilation progress, he said " Ok, it's about 6cm already! You may be warded now and give birth tonight". WOW!! 6cm already??? It was only 3cm 2 days ago! That means my EDD has been brought forward 8days earlier.

By 8.30pm, I had those heart beat detector patches on my tummy to monitor Lil BB's heart beat and my contraction as well, hand kena pocked with needle for dripping cum induce and water bag broken. The wet feeling with amniotic fluid leaking out slowly....Eeewww....felt so geli and dirty lah :P

At 9pm, I had my contraction pain every 5min. The pain was still bearable, thus I can still smile for the camera and chat with HubB and Dr. Tan as well. Dr. Tan kept reminding me that once I have the urge to berak, that would be the right time to push.

Tik tok tik tok.....an hour has gone and my contraction pain has only increased a bit only, about every 3min once. Still can smile though =) Then Dr. Tan decided to help me out a bit +_+ Gosh, when I heard him said that, I had goose bump leh @_@ It was truly painful when he stretched my cervix so that I can dilate faster. Just after that torturous moment, my cervix has opened up to 8cm and contraction pain has turned greater, up to every 2min once. All I could do was to breath in and out during each pain. This round I had sworn in for No Epidural, and I did it. Not even any local painkiller too. Ahem, a bit proud of myself lah, for being able to go thru the pain without any painkiller aid. But the pain was really indescribable. At 1 moment, I even asked myself why am I going thru this pain again?? Looking for own trouble izzit?? Haha Yeah, I asked for it!

At 10.10pm, behtahan liao.....and I finally felt the urge to berak so I quickly tell the nurses " I think she's coming out!!". Waaa....I can really feel the baby's head at the exit. Dr. Tan immediately put on his gloves and get ready to deliver my baby. I followed Dr. Tan's instruction not to scream my lung out, just use my full force energy to push the baby out. Screaming will drain out my energy. Ok, I had to keep my mouth shut throughout the pushing activity. So hard to keep quiet lah. It took me 2 long push to get her out. My first push was a failure, and I wondered why was it harder that before? Last scan showed that Lil Bb was only around 2.7kg

2nd attempt succeeded and once Lil BB was out, they put her on my arms immediately! I wasn't prepare for it actually! Coz I didn't had the chance to carry Smellybutt the moment I delivered her. So here she is....my Lil BB fresh from my oven, with the faufu-fa look :P

Lucky me as I've managed to get myself a private room with a queen size bed for HubB. Only 1 room left coz there were quite a number of patients there. Mostly already given birth a day before and 1 mommy was in the labour ward next to mine. It was a nice spacious room, cost RM180/night. Pricey? Never mind, it'll be covered in my RM2,500 allowance for maternity =)

Here's my Thanks Giving girl after cleaned-up, nicely wrapped in a fleece blanket like a sushi roll :P To my surprise, her weight at birth was 3.17kg. I've never expect her to reach 3kg. No wonder so hard to push out her head lah....Her size is considered big for me, coz Smellybutt was only weighing 2.3kg at birth! See the difference ka?

My best shot!

I've tried to breast feed her while in hospital but unfortunately, the same old history repeated i.e. my milk team has yet to check in! During Smellybutt time, my breast milk supply only came on day 4 after delivery. Sad....so sad....Anyhow, I still let her suck hoping that she can 'bring in' the supply earlier. But aiyah....true enough that I can only breast feed her on day 4.

So here's the picture of my satisfied consumer :P Btw, she accidentally scratched her tiny nose while in the hospital, quite a deep scar actually. But now subsided a lot already.

"Life is great...." =)

Before I was discharged from the hospital, a Pediatrician has examined her and gave us the green light to bring her back home. Due to my speedy delivery, we don't have to worry about the GBS infection affecting her. He has also guided me to monitor baby's jaundice which might be noticed on day 4. If only her face looks yellowish, it is alright. But if her chest has turn yellowish too, we have to bring her back to hospital for jaundice treatment. Luckily she only had very minor yellowish face on day 4 - 7, thereafter ok liao.

Lil BB has been named as Yi Ying. In Cantonese, the word "Ying" means translucent, shining. We kinda like the meaning of this name. Hope that this name may bring out her inner shine in future! As for Smellybutt, her name is Yi Qing. "Qing" means clear, bright sky. Hmm...from now onwards, I have 2 little Smellybutts!! Maybe I should start referring both of them as QQ and YY here =)

YY's umbilical cord has dried up and dropped off exactly 1 week after birth. That was very fast! During QQ's time, the confinement lady was very rough on her (while cleaning her umbilical cord) thus caused some bleeding =( Poor QQ, it took her another week before it finally drop off.

That's all for my delivery news. It was a quick and smooth delivery and we really thanks Dr. Tan for his great job!

Next post, I'd like to share the beginning of my breast feeding journey together with my brand new Ardo Calypso Dual Breast Pump. And not forgetting my confession towards my confinement lady!! Urrgggghhh!!! +_+


Chinneeq said...

AWWWW!!!!!! Dear, can i come over next week?

Reanaclaire said...

hi.. congratulations to your Thanksgiving baby!!
by the way, can you drop me an email at reanact@gmail.com... thanks!

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Yes Chinnee! :)

Thanks, Reanaclaire! Check ur email k :)

LittleLamb said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! to the arrival of ur big baby :) and congrats to u for being so brave to use without any painkillers.....

have a good rest n confinement period.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Thanks, LittleLamb!! ;)


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