21 December, 2010

QQ loves her mei mei very much

So far, QQ has been playing her role as big jie jie pretty well. She sayang her mei mei very much, giving her lots of hugs and kisses till I behtahan! Sometimes overly "yit cheng" O_O Hahaha. Whenever YY makes noises or cry (crocodile tears!!) QQ will rush to YY and say "yes yes..jie jie is here, don't cry". Muahahahaha! As if YY can't live without her jie jie huh :P  Lately she even attempted to carry YY and that really scare me off! 

QQ has been assigned to monitor/detect her mei mei's poo poo action too. Each time YY passes out wind, QQ will quickly go near YY and snif snif her buttock, see got any poo smell or not :P She does it happily though :P 

1 thing which QQ surprised me was she didn't get jealous or angry when friends and relatives came to visit YY with a mini Disney baby hamper as a gift. QQ loves pressie very much. When I open the hampers, she was excited and showed the baby clothings to YY and said " mei mei you see, you got new clothes. yeah!!". Wow....I couldn't believe it. She's indeed a big jie jie already.

But there were times where QQ will merajuk a bit, especially when I was breast feeding YY. Luckily not everytime she merajuk, just once in a while only. 

QQ enjoy herself very much during this school holiday break with us. Too happy and too much of free time until she wanna experience/touch every single thing at home. Despite to our numerous warning/scolding, she happily goes up and down the staircase as she likes,  frequently sneaks into the bathroom to wash hand (play water lah tu), digging drawers and cupboards, and so many other blood boiling activities. Gosh....she really gets into our nerves everyday. After so much of scoldings, she is still repeating things that we don't allow her to do. I really behtahan her already. Sometimes I almost want to smack her. But I end up jentik her fingers instead. Whenever I say "show me your hand" or " do you want me to jentik you?", she seems to be scare of me and quickly stop her disastrous act.  

Here's what she likes to do most of the time.... cam-whoring and self-tattooing =) 

Funny faces which I adore very much

And here's something better she does, i.e. to let her play with MS Words, Paintings and some games on my net book occasionally. After she tried on it a few times, she can control the mouse very well, even manage to move the cursor pointing to some very small icon on the screen efficiently. Good eh =) QQ is a fast learner!

Her joyful holiday will end very soon, coz school will re-open in 1 week +.  My last day of confinement is on 24th Dec 2010, and coincidentally it is  also YY's fullmoon day as well as my sista's birthday! Wowee!! 3-in-1 happy day!! I've ordered Baskin Robbins ice cream cake to celebrate together. This Xmas Eve day is the most happening lah! Can't wait for de day to come.... ;)


LittleLamb said...

awww so touching.
i m sure the 2 sisters wil grow up to be very close to each other

Merry Xmas to you :)

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

I hope so =)
Merry Xmas to u and family too!! :)


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