06 December, 2010

Breast feeding VS Confinement Lady

This topic is not something new for a mommy who's in the confinement period, together with the newly hired confinement lady (CL) for a period of 1 month. It's not easy to get a CL who's well verse with facts about breast feeding. And I have to deal with 1 now.

My CL is from Ipoh and she's a good cook. She handles my baby with love and care. But when comes to feeding, she's yet another typical CL who just loves to sumbat newborn with lots and LOTS OF MILK!! This is my only complaint of her lah.

Not that she doesn't support me breast feeding YY. She will ensure me to have enough fluid throughout the day coz I will express my breast milk and also breast feed (BF) my baby whenever needed, round the clock. She prepares papaya soup for me to boost my supply. She even encourages me to let my baby sucks more often otherwise baby might reject my boobies if she's on bottle too much. Impressive!! HOWEVER, she made few statements and even materialize it and that really drives me up the wall.

"Oh, baby is hiccuping. MUST feed water"
Before my breast milk supply came, YY was on formula milk. And at that point of time, I did allow her to feed YY a little bit of water. But as soon as YY on full breast milk, I have reminded her not to feed any water, which she fully agreed too. But when YY hiccups a bit, I caught her feeding YY with some plain water. I gently reminded her again not to do so. I told her that all I did was just putting her in sitting position and stroke her back for a while. Within seconds, no more hiccup! So no need water! If hiccup persists, I will just BF her a littl while and it's over.

" She's still wide awake after taking 2oz of BM thru bottle feeding. Must be STILL HUNGRY lah. MUST add more to satisfy her hunger".
Neh....this is the point which boils me to the max. YY is not even a week old, and my CL already tempted to feed her more than 2 oz of BM per feeding. Gosh, I've already talked to her earlier that newborn stomach is very very VERY SMALL. It's better and safer to feed her less, but more frequent rather than sekali gus sumbat her with 3 oz of BM at every feeding. She's just a few days old lah. Why want to pump her with so much of milk at this early stage?? That's very bad! Then my CL will keep saying "yes yes newborn stomach is small, BUT after she wee wee twice, ma empty liao lor". I mau pengsan lah. She doesn't seem to understand me. I use alien language ka?? Sigh.......

The worst case happened 3 days ago. YY used to sleep with CL, but when feeding time CL will let me know so that I can BF my baby in her room. The reason why I didn't co-sleep with YY is due to QQ, as she will be awaken by YY's cry (she doesn't really cry out loud, just 1 or 2 "OooNgar" noise only) in the midnight. When YY cry for milk, QQ will also cry! Kecoh...kecoh. So on that particular night, CL bottle fed YY with 2 oz of EBM at around 12am. I told her that after this feeding, please wake me up for next feeding as I want to direct BF her instead of expressing my BM. She nodded. At 4.30am, I woke up due to engorgement. I was puzzled why my CL didn't wake me up to feed YY. I went into her room and saw 2 empty bottles on the table. I thought that she might have bottle fed her twice separately . Then YY started to make some noise, an indication to feed her lah. While I BF her, I've asked CL why are there 2 empty bottles and now YY still wants milk? Guess what??!! CL said "oh, that was for the 1st feeding actually. At 12am, after I've fed her with 2oz of BM, she was still wide awake and make some noise for about 30mins. She must be still hungry lah, so I gave her another 2oz of BM lor". OMG!! My tiny little YY has been fed with a total of 4oz of BM in 1.5hour!!! How disastrous!!! Again, I repeated to her what I've told her earlier. 4oz of BM is way too much lah aunty!! From then onwards, I've decided to let YY sleep in my room, in a baby cot. I've advised QQ many times not to wake up and join the noisy band whenever YY does so. I said " little mei mei cries a bit coz she doesn't know how to speak yet. Whereas you are a big jie jie and can speak well so you don't have to cry". Ok, she got it! So far so good, she didn't really wake up whenever YY made some noises in the midnight for feeding. Good jie jie =)

Anyhow, my CL is still a nice lady lah. She's not the calculative type of person. She'll cook for my sister and dad whenever they drop by to visit me and YY in the weekend. If you are looking for a CL, I would like to recommend her to you too. Just ensure that you take charge of your newborn when come to feeding, other stuff just leave it to your CL will do.


LittleLamb said...

Different ppl got different style. so now u feed YY urself??? U must take rest wor...

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

yeah, i've been breast feeding YY morning and nite.

this morning when i was still asleep, CL fed YY with 3oz BM....haaii....i'm speechless oredi lah.


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