17 December, 2010

YY is a "happy spitter"?

As compare to QQ, YY spits the most. As of todate, YY spitted 4 times after feeding. Twice when bottle fed her, and another 2 times after I have breast fed her directly. But I would say she vomitted instead of spitting, coz all her meal came out, not a little bit. CL and I will burp her after each feeding. When bottle feed, CL burps her at least twice before she empties the bottle.  After I witnessed her 2nd vomiting, I've decided not to bottle feed her anymore. As mentioned  in my earlier post, CL loves to feed her a lot of milk. Thus her initial vomiting might due to overfeeding. She still vomits if I direct breast feed her though +_+ Really don't know what went wrong. There were once she kentut quite a lot...must be due to gassy stomach. 

My lil happy YY  

Honestly, I was quite worried when I first saw her vomitting. So I googled about infant vomitting and after I've read about it, I felt more relieved. It says that if after the baby has vomitted and she's still Ok - not fussy, not arching her back, didn't cry non stop, no breathing problem...then mommy doesn't have to be so worry. So if she meets the above, she's a "happy spitter". YY is about 3 weeks old now, and I'm not too sure whether she has gain any weight since birth. If despite to her vomitting and she's still gaining weight, then she's fine. Will see her performance next week, as she's due for her first check up upon reaching 1 month old. Yay!!! That means I'm gonna be free from confinement period next week!! I just can't wait to end this coz confinement is quite torturing for me - can only wash my hair every 5 days once (eeewww!!!), can only drink hot water (red dates wate/ginger rice water) and this make me sweat all day long!! Those rice wine chicken, urrgghh.....anything with wine/alcohol is a big no no for me. Counting down my out-of-jail day =)


Lisa Chan said...

I only see u in this pic.. hehe... :D

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hahaha!But I feel that she's transforming into her daddy's look +_+ Oh no!!

Chinneeq said...

QQ used to vomit a lot too, especially each time after i bf her due to shallow stomach.

I am sorry I have not drop by as I am still coughing a little. Don't wanna pass the germs to you and baby. But I think I shall come just pass the pads to you soon. will call u again.


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