17 March, 2009

( ! ) - The "Emoticon" for Hand Break

I sat for my driving licence exam in year 2002. Officially driving a car a year after I've obtained my driving licence. A proud driver then :)

I found something NEW from my car (after driving for more than 5 years).

On one fine morning, as usual, will drive to work. But I just don't know why I was so concerned over the signs showing next to the speed meter. Normally when you first turn on the car key once, there'll be a check for engine oil and battery. When the yellow light is off, then only I will start the car engine ma. Suddenly I saw this signage is still in red light ( ! ). Apa lagi...panick-ing la! I called my HubB and told him about the signage I saw. I didn't describe it well, thus HubB couldn't really understand what I was trying to say. So to play safe, he asked me not to drive and get my sister to send me to work. FYI, I was at my mom's house.

I quickly call my sister, she was still ZzzZzzz...She said ok to send me to work.

Then when I was her car, I showed her again the red signage that I saw in my car.

Me : neh...I saw this light. The tanda seruan in the bracket. I don't think I've seen this signage before. Scary lah.

Sis : (pointing) U really mean this tanda seruan signage? Got release your hand break or not?

Me : I didn't do anything after I've seen that thing. Don't dare to drive out. What if my car suddenly break down. Very mah fan later.
...... ( I paused and think again).... eh, could be the hand break hor. I didn't release the hand break just now, coz I don't intend to drive after seeing it ma. I go try now.

Guess what?! After I'v released the hand break, the signage ( ! ) is gone!!!! I laughed and told my sis loudly (don't think my neighbour heard me) "eh the car is ok lah, after I've released the hand break!!".


Come to think of it...actually I've seen that signage ( ! ) before lah. Maybe I didn't pay attention on it until that morning.... :P

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