12 March, 2009

Factory Closed Down

Kuala Lumpur : A factory has stopped its operation for the past 3 weeks. The factory owner has mixed feelings of happy and sad. It closed shop naturally...without any pain to both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Vell, yeah...that's me - de manufacturer/factory owner! My breastfeeding journey has ended naturally recently. It all happened naturally coz my gal has weaned herself from nen nen :P I'm so proud of her! Weee!!

Self weaning - a dream for many BF mommies out there. But there's still lil pain deep down my heart. Sedih hati jugak lah. Becoz hor...I have breastfed her for 16mth leh. To be more precise, she has been on full breast milk for 13mth. Bersyukur coz I have managed to keep up my supply till her 1st birthday - memang dah berhajat utk menyusu dia utk setahun and beyond.
My memory lane :
1) from birth - menyusu direct. but still gotto expressed my milk, in build 'container' flooded with milk

2) during 2nd month of confinement period - started to keep frozen milk stock

3) back to work - managed to have about 25 bottles of frozen milk (3oz/bttl) stocked up in the freezer

4) by the time she turned 5mth old - dah ada 50 botol++ (4oz/bttl) frozen milk yg tersumbat dlm freezer. here are some of my precious 'antiques' during the good old days...

5) greatest achievement with my Mini-E Medela - get 9.5oz milk/session. for me, a lot liao :) i know some 'holy cow' can do so much better than me lah.

6) weaned off from the pump on Dec 08 - reason being that my supply has dropped badly due to work stress. and smelly butt has reduced her milk intake as well ever since she has started on solid food.

7) starting from 23 Feb 09 - smelly butt has rejected nen nen. Nen nen diabaikan. Nen nen stay idle....

Actually leh, there's a thing which has triggered this self weaning incident. The flu. She had some minor flu accompanied by hidung tersumbat condition before the self weaning incident took place. Blocked nose, no air.. no air..can't suck. And that's the end of my breast feeding journey. Sob!Sob!!

I'm happy that it happened to me - child lead weaning. Before this, I have been asking myself, when can I wean her off? How to wean her off? Coz she really enjoy having nen nen whenever with mama. If I were to lead, I believe that it'll be painful to both of us. Thus I've made up my mind to let her be the lead. Don't want to bother so much lah, just try to enjoy the 'intimate' moment with smelly butt as much as I can...and woila!! my dream come true :)

And now, I miss the breast feeding moment. Missing it very very much....

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