30 March, 2009

She's Heavier!

The "day" that I've been longing for, is finally here :)

I was so happy when I put Smellybutt on the weighing machine yesterday. The reading was...jeng jeng jeng...8.2kg!! She has put on about 700gm in a month time. This is a big achievement! You must be thinking am I crazy or what, a 17mth old child weighing at 8.2kg is a big achievement?? My friend's baby, now 6 months old already weighing at 9kg. ONLY for Smellybutt, this is a big achievement already. I'll tell you why is that so.

Her new born weight was only 2.3kg, a tiny little baby doll alike :) A genetically small size baby, just like her mommy. As she grows, she did put on weight but her record is always below the growth chart. Not that she's not getting enough nutrient, she was born with that small size body and obviously she is having Mama's dominent gene :P Oh ya, she's following her Mama's style too - eat a lot but never gained much. Moreover, her milk intake has dropped dramatically since we started her on solid food. She loves solid food more than milk. We brought her to see Dr Koe too, a famous and highly recommended Pediatrician, for check up. In the end, all the pediatricians gave me the same conclusion, i.e. as long as she's healthy and stay active, we shouldn't worry at all.

Her milk and solid food intake has increased a lot lately. Previous months, she only gained say 200-300 gm per month. So this month is indeed a big achievement. Kudos to popo too, for feeding her patiently. Popo and kong kong really has tough (and tougher!) time whenever need to feed her. She just can't sit still and most of the time won't be playing with the same toys for the entire feeding period. It would be a blessing for us if she didn't throw her toys right into the bowl of porridge. Well, I believe this does not only happen to Smellybutt. There are over hundreds and thousands child out there who did the same too. So...we are not alone! Hehe. That makes me feel better anyway, that my child does NOT act abnormally.

Tonight gotto get more milk powder for Smellybutt. I'm truly happy and excited with the milk powder-running-out-of-stock day!


Happy Mom said...


I was scared too that my daughter didn't get weight some how...She such a fussy eater and i've no idea...

So what did you do...any advice?

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi Happy Mom! Thx for dropping by =)
We couldn't do much at the beginning, just need many rounds of trial and error on preparing food for her. And ever since I gave her Pediasure, she has put on more weight coz as she grows, she becomes more and more picky! @_@

But, if the doc says your child is healthy and active even though he/she didn't put on much weight, just sit back and relax ok =)


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