12 March, 2009



What's that? Blog what? and now........

Blogging oredi.... :P

Vell...Couldn't believe it that I've created my own blog after so so so many thoughts! Why? Gua punya Bahasa Inggeris macam cable wayar elektrik kat vietnam. Yang tak pernah tengok wayar elektrik kat vietnam, ah..hayatilah gambar panoramic view tu :)
So do expect some bahasa jiwa bangsa language in my blog, can't help it lah.

I was born in KL, HubB from the land of "kai si hor fun" (ipoh mari). My lil monster di-CCTV-kan oleh my parents when I'm at work. Tengkiu ama aba :) And tengkiu to deary monster for keeping popo kongkong so the very super occupied everyday, without fail! Wanna pangsai also gotto think twice man!

I support keeping the world green , just started to be a lil crazy with cloth diaper and a great breastfeeding fan.

Being a Taurus born in the year of monkey, I just love to ask the 3W - what,when,why. Maklumlah, curiosity kills the monkey. Actually "lepas tu?" is my fav! In cantonese is "kan zhu leh?"But if people start asking me lepas tu? I'll just say "lepas tu, three la"!

Vell..dats the yend of my rubbish for my very first interodaksyen topic :)

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