17 March, 2009

Sticky Superman

Bought this sticky superman alike from my trip to Guangzhao last month. Pretty unique toy. Cheap too, RMB 10 for 3pcs. Both hand and feet have some gel/rubber stuff. I don't know how to describe it :P

When you throw that superman onto the wall or glass, or any smooth and clean surface, superman will stick on that surface. When the hand is falling down (legs are still attached to the wall), the hand will be moving down side, touching the wall again and at the same time the leg will be off the wall. This process will be repeated till it touches the floor.

Smellybutt love this toy so much. And she has been calling him "banananana". Why? I have no idea at all.

If she sees a banana, she'll say banana. Sometimes lari margin sikit, will say banananana too :P

Maybe that's the way she term it as plural - setandan pisang = a lot of banana (",)

After a few round of throwing superman onto the wall, and the sticky part is not so sticky anymore. When there's dust on the sticky part, it will loose its stickyness. Smellybutt got too excited with the rubbery feel and she pulls the superman apart. Yeah..she's a bit violent sometimes. As you can see in the picture, upper torso is gone. Amen.

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