24 March, 2009

Rush Hour

No, I'm not talking about Jackie Chan's Rush Hour. My lunch time is my rush hour.

Rush to the food court.
I have to be there before the clock strikes 12pm. Yes, gotto rush just like how Cinderella did it :) I have 2 reasons to do so. Firstly, I don't want to wait for the lift so long because I know there are 2 famous companies who's lunch hour is at 12pm. Secondly, I want to maintain my blood pressure level.

Rush to take the plain rice.
This is where the terror begins. If I'm late by 5mins, meaning reaching the food court at 12pm, I have to witness some act which irritates me most, courtesy of these 2 famous companies's staff - mostly the Ah Lians. Majority of them have the same attitude. This lady will take a plate and start to take the plain rice. First scoop. Second scoop. Third scoop. And then remove half a scoop back into the rice container. Then bring back 1/4 scoop of rice. And finally scrap away half of the 1/4 rice which she has just brought back to her plate. Irritating or not? Don't understand why she needs to weigh her rice like that.

Rush to the que for dishes.
This is even more interesting. Most of the Ah Lians will come with a handful of big purse/long rectangular purse and a handphone. Imagine this, one hand holding both assests, the other hand holding the plate. Uh oh..no more hand to take the dishes. So the armpit will come in recsue. Both assests will be parked under her armpit. Some of them will start to chat while holding the laddle WITHOUT taking any dishes. The lady will giggle and ask her friend next to her, "aiyaa, today I don't know what to eat". Next, she'll use the laddle to stir or turn the dish up side down just to look for another piece of thinly sliced fish cake mixed with the green vege. Treasure hunt alike. The result - a que which can beat great wall of china.

What I normally do is to reach the food court at 11.50am the latest. And I'll be the only one standing infront of the dishes. I can take my own sweet time to choose my favourite dish, sometime will stir the dish a bit just to take a better looking piece fish cake! Well, at least I didn't make people to wait for me, not like what they did to me and other people.


Anonymous said...

Gambateh! i don't like to waste time queuing also! :D But i do have rectangular purse and phone >__<

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

geez..i'm so sorry to u Dory (and ur rectangular purse too)my comments are only for those ah lians from my office building. didn't mean to kutuk other rectangular purse owner :P


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