25 March, 2009

Falling Twice

Poor smelly butt...She was playing hide and seek yesterday evening. Her favourite spot is the wooden door at the living hall. While she sibuk hiding away, and ready to give kong kong a surprise "buu chak!", she tripped and her right face kena the wooden door. Apa lagi, cry lor. Popo and kong kong quickly sayang her back...scold the door and her cry stopped within few seconds. Soon after that, there was a red mark on her face. A very light bruise, without any blue black. Phew...

After a while, in less than 10 mins after that first accident, she tripped again while she was busy walking around without looking infront. Terlanggar kaki kerusi pulak. This time, she hurt the back of her head a bit. Aiyo...sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga. Again, popo and kong kong sepantas kilat hug and sayang her. Her cry stopped within seconds.

One good thing about smelly butt is she's pretty tahan lasak. Whenever she gets hurt, she'll only cry for a few seconds, never ever cry for 1 minit. All we need to do is quickly hug her tightly, a few smooches (minus the saliva) and she'll be back to normal. Next she'll start pointing and babling as if trying to tell us "the door is bad", "the chair is naughtly" :P

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Poor smelly butt. :( but as you said, she can be more tahan lasak and tough!


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