17 April, 2009

Amazing Race

When I posted that title in my Facebook, my friends came asked me whether I've entered the Asia Amazing Race ka? :P Kinda joke of the day huh. I can never be qualified for it...zero sense of direction...and wind can blow me away anytime! So how to run with my partner leh.

I was actually referring to my Guangzhao (GZ) trip on mid March 09, together with my in laws, my HubB, my mom and above all, my lil Smellybutt of course. Just because I have to travel with Smellybutt to such a far away land, I have to name it Amazing Race. Why?? Read on for the many "Why-s" .Way before we decide on this trip with her, I just couldn't stop imagine what would be the outcome of it. What if she cries throughout the 3 hour flight journey? What if she falls sick due to the cold weather? What if she has motion sickness? And the list goes on....My biggest fear would be the vomit action lah. Eewww.. I have high phobia of vomits! If I see any vomit..I tell you..my legs will start shaking, heart throbbing accompanied by lil cold sweat.. and I will have the feeling of contributing my 'output' as well. Grosss...

Ok...here's a short summary about GZ.

The city is clean :) I always imagine it like one of those sub urban China places which I've visited about 9yrs ago..those were not so clean especially the toilets. Well..that's a well known fact I guess. But GZ is different. What I like most in GZ is, most of the people in GZ can speak Cantonese!! I can speak very little of Mandarin language. Thus I really had a great time shopping there..can shop around on my own without HubB's help as a translator. Food wise...I really love their Hakka delicacies - always ended up ordering extra rice for the yummy dishes.

Scorpion satey...umm..this is not part of the hakka delicacies ya

Grilled egg plant with garlic. Perfect!!

cheap and nice grilled oyster with chille and garlic

One major problem when come to dining with Smellybutt. Most of the restaurants do not have a baby chair with safety strap. Look at the below picture. It is a nice baby chair, strapped on a normal chair. But it doesn't have a safety strap for the baby who sits on it. Smellybutt took the advantage to be adventurous during meal time! She was trying to escape from the chair, reaching out each and every of the dishes on the table, grabbing forks and spoons, plates and everything lah...wuaaaaahh...she was like a hurricane, wanted to sapu everything at one time. The strapless baby chair really drove me nuts!

the lil hurricane of mine

We went to PunYun (sorry, I don't know how to spell it correctly) for a very sumptuous buffet lunch at Four Seas International House, just an hour drive from our hotel. By paying RM55+ for an adult price (FOC for Smellybutt) , we get to enjoy over 100 types of food over there. A truly not to be missed! This place is just next to Shenzhen, well known as a shopping heaven to ladies. Oh yeah, I met Sam Ho (Hung Kam Po) at the buffet outlet. It was my MIL who spotted him first. Failed to snap a picture of him though..as he was seated way behind with some body guards around him.

Four Seas International House

Sam Ho supposed to be there on the left hand side stall offering ice cream

Back to the amazing trip...overall, it was a GOOD one! Really out of my expectation. In short:
  • she behaved very well in the plane, bus, van, ferry, train, cable car and taxi. See...by paying RM60 to Air Asia for Smellybutt, she was able to take a ride on all these transportation just for 1 single overseas trip. Another reason to call this an amazing trip :P
  • she doesn't have any motion sickness while in the plane or any other transportation. Oh well, except 1 incident...she puked in the small van cum bus for the 1 day city tour trip. It wasn't due to motion sickness. What happened was, she almost fell asleep already in the bus and suddenly the bus was 'jumping' high due to the road bumper I guess. You can imagine what's next ya. Her cereal which she took about 1.5hr ago, all pouring out! My mom was holding her at that time. Poor Popo, bathed with her output and Smellybutt was crying out loud, calling mama mama nen nen!! Maybe she was worried over the major spilled out. I quickly clean her and Popo with wet tissue while the tour guide and my FIL busy cleaning the 'fresh' cereal on the floor, with newspaper. After I've changed her clothes, I hold her and pat her to sleep. She dozed off almost immediately. Ok lah, the 'fresh' cereal wasn't that yucky looking anyway.
  • There were a few old folks who travelled together with us for a 2D1N trip to another place, which I've totally forgotten the name of that place ya. Due to her non-tornado-behaviour in the bus (yes, at home she is a tornado! hurricane! tsunami!, these old folks kept complimenting that my daughter is so so well behaved! Never make a single noise in the bus, always smiling and laughing. Kembang mak dia!Huhuhu! Well, Smellybutt has indeed made all of us feel so proud of her. Again..amazing isn't it? :)
That's it for my amazing race to GuangZhao. I am looking forward for more amazing trip with Smellybutt. Travelling with a toddler isn't that hard, or scary, I supposed. Need to 'collect' more savings and leaves now...

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