06 April, 2009

Lil Say...

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thursday,
She picks up new word almost everyday,
Though she can't say it in the correct way,
That's becoz she did it her way!

Mama, baba, popo, ah yi,
These 4 names are in her favourite list,
Calling one, calling twice,
If we don't respond, she'll pinch our tigh!

When ask her "what is your name?"
She can now say out her name
she'll say Jing Jing, which is not the correct name...
Never mind lah, at least she's learning her name!
(p/s : her name is Qing Qing, pronounce as Ching Ching)

Tumpah se-air...
She'll say wet wet ehh..
Grab the cloth...
And she'll wipe it away!

Wash hand Wash hand,
That's her favourite stunt,
Eventhough with clean hand,
She still wants to be at the water tap!


Anonymous said...

quick quick, train her to say gu jie!! :D :D

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

aaa..gu jie sudah ambik no ye..she can say jie jie..the "gu", later can ar? :P


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