21 April, 2009

Getting started with it

I have never been a fan of baby sling/pouch. Tried once on Smellybutt few months ago and she doesn't like it. I don't like it either, as the one that I've tested on wasn't that fitting for my short and fleshless body. So we both hated it :P

BUT...after I've seen a few baby wearing video from UTube, it changes my mind. I started to read more about DIY baby ring sling. The word DIY, means to fork out lesser money from my wallet :) Ya ya..I'm a bit kedekut. I wouldn't want to spend RM100++ for a ring sling for a start. Unless if Smellybutt is happy with it, then I will think twice though.

I've found out that I can turn a piece of shawl into a baby pouch! Oooh...isn't that a smart and cheap solution?!! But you need to be very careful with the cloth material. Silap silap..your baby will be on the floor anytime if you use the wrong and cheapo material. I have a shawl, the color came off when I washed it for the 1st time...the 2nd and the 3rd time...ok I had enough of it. Out of curiosity, I've decided to transform that shawl into a baby pouch. No ring needed. From what I've learnt thru the DIY baby sling website, I can just tie a knot at the two end and it'll be ready for use.

The result : She began to like it after a few try, I don't have to beg her to sit on it anymore ^_^

I don't use it for long hours, as I know my shawl is not made of good quality cotton. I tag it along whenever she's with me to the shopping mall. I only use it whenever she looks sleepy and yet still trying very hard to be alert on the stroller. Just put her on the pouch, pat her a bit and she will ZzZzz....sometimes will use it when we go to the pasar malam too.

Since she's now comfortable with my cheapo baby pouch, might as well I get a proper one for her, right. Most importantly, I don't want her to fall off from it one fine day (touch wood!) . In fact, I've wanted to make my own baby ring sling . Ambitious huh (",) I've even bought a pair of aluminium ring from Mamapatch some time ago.

my goldie rings

If you love baby wearing, do check out Mamapatch for the exclusive baby ring sling. All baby ring slings are specially designed by the owner, Chinnee. I really admire her work! Looking at her product is a kickoff for me to make my own baby sling. I MUST DO IT!!

I'll be visiting some kedai kain soon...need to find a nice piece of cloth to match with my gold color aluminium rings.

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